How can I tell if I have gynecomastia?

I can't tell if I am overweight or have developed "man boobs." I looked up this condition and read a lot about the possibility of suffering from something know as gynecomastia. How can I tell if I have gyno or if I am just overweight?


M, 36, California

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I suffered gynecomastia from about 18. Best is to check with the doctor. He will do the test. I hated my men boobs, it was embarrassing when i went on holiday or to the lake with friends. They of course made funny comments sometimes. It was little funny from the beginning but not for long. I had schoolmate who was from Prague and had some relative at one of the clinic there. I booked myself at Forme clinic and had the surgery done. It looks great now, finally i look like a men. The scars are very light if you literally do not stare on my boobs you can not see it:-) And when is hot i do not need to wear t shirts, what is great.

I was extremely overweight and I wondered if I had gynecomastia. I spoke to a doctor, and he performed some routine tests to see if I had the condition. As it turned out, my enlarged male breasts were in fact due to my excessive weight. After dieting and doing specific exercises to target the chest area, my breasts looked normal again. A doctor is the best person to tell someone if they have the condition. Don't assume that you do or don't have it before speaking to a medical professional. They can offer invaluable advice. If you do in fact have gynecomastia you might have to have plastic surgery.

I wasn't sure if my enlarged breasts were from gynecomastia or from weight gain. After losing the excess weight and getting my body fat down, my breasts still looked swollen and felt tender. I knew then that it was gynecomastia. My doctor confirmed this in one visit. Since I was in my 40's, I knew that it most likely wouldn't resolve on its own, so I opted for gynecomastia surgery. I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have ever made. I look better and younger six months after the surgery. If you are unsure that you have the condition, the best thing you can do is speak to your doctor.

After being overweight for most of my life, once I hit 40, I felt like enough was enough. I too had what you could call the typical "man boobs." It took a long while, but I did eventually get down to a healthy weight and my skin is a little loose from carrying around all that extra mass for so long, but the "man boobs" have pretty much disappeared. If the tissue under your nipples feels hard and sensitive, it is likely true gynecomastia. However, if it's softer and goes away with weight loss, it's probably just fatty tissue like mine was.