Is Invisalign Covered By Insurance?

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I am 21 years old and I've never had perfect teeth. I don't want traditional braces but I'm considering Invisalign's clear aligners. My only issue is the cost. I've heard Invisalign costs in the range of $5000-6000, which is money I don't have now. I do have dental insurance though. Is it possible my dental insurance would cover my Invisalign treatment? 


F, 23, New York

It depends on your dental insurance. Some insurance plans will cover up to $3500 of your Invisalign treatment. You should contact your insurance carrier to see if you qualify for reimbursement of your Invisalign treatment. I would also recommend looking into alternative financing options. Some dentists offer 0% interest payment plans, which will make your Invisalign treatment more affordable. CareCredit is a well-known financing company that offers payment plans. You should also check with your employer, to see if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). FSAs allow you to put money aside tax-free for a qualified medical expense. As a last resort, you may want to consider getting a 0% interest credit card. Some credit card companies offer 0% interest for 18 months on purchases. For a $5000-6000 charge, your monthly payments would be around $300/mo. Some people get a little fancy with this and make lower monthly payments and then transfer the remaining balance on their card at the end of the 0% interest period to another 0% interest card. You need to be mindful of the balance transfer rates (typically 2-3%) should you decide to do this. You also need to make sure you transfer the remaining balance on your card to another card, before the 0% interest period expires. If you forget, all of the interest charges that have accrued over the 18 months will be charged to you (big mistake - don't let this happen).