Are LED Photofacial better than IPL?

I just read that LED Photofacials feel less harsh on your skin and that it's also cheaper than IPL, but does it have good results? Will I really see an improvement to my skin complexion after I have an LED Photofacial? Some of the before and after pictures online look impressive.


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There are two types of photofacials. My doctor explained to me that IPL is a higher level of treatment for age spots, sun damage, spider veins, acne, and other skin conditions. I wanted to have the most intense skin treatment available done so I chose IPL vs the LED option.

The LED option can provide many of the same benefits with a reduced risk of side effects like burning. But it also requires up to 24 treatments to achieve results that are achievable with 3 to 8 sessions of IPL. I'm really happy with my results and even though my downtime may have been a little bit more extreme than LED treatments, I'm glad I didn't spend time having multiple sessions trying to achieve the results I got with one treatment of IPL.

I've never had an LED photofacial but I'm a huge fan of the IPL photofacial. I know that there are a lot of people out there that talk about how it's painful, the recovery is stressful, and they had a lot of swelling. Those are all things that are talked about with your physician before you have the procedure done so I'm not really sure why they're complaining.

Also, I didn't have that many problems with the IPL procedure. It went really quickly and it wasn't painful at all with the aftercare being so simple that it was almost like I was just hanging out at home. I did have some swelling and a touch of redness but nothing more than I expected and it went away within about 18 hours. I know that some people opt for LED because it's more affordable and supposedly less painful but I've never been impressed with the results that I've seen.

I had IPL photofacial treatment and my mom had an LED photofacial so I can give you a perspective on both.

My treatment was a little painful and left me with some swelling and redness for 24 hours or so. The healing itself wasn't a struggle and my biggest issue was with my skin care routine and making sure that I moisturized as frequently as I needed to. My results were stellar and I'm happy that I'm moving forward with more treatments.

My mom had a relatively pain-free treatment and didn't have any redness but had a slight amount of swelling. Her healing was also fine and we worked together to make sure that she got enough moisturizer and avoided sun exposure. The biggest difference between the two besides the pain was that my results were far more visible much quicker and my mom is going to need more treatments then I will to have the same results.

I can't speak for the IPL photofacial but I can for the LED photofacial. I decided to opt for the LED one for the same reasons that you stated. I definitely wanted something that wasn't as harsh as intense pulsed light and something that wasn't going to break the bank. My vanity is important to me but not more important than paying my bills each month.

The process itself was really simple, it didn't hurt much, and I didn't have a lot of the swelling that you see with the IPL photofacial. I did see a lot of improvement in my skin tone about 2 to 3 weeks after I had the led treatment; however, it wasn't as extreme as the results that I saw with friends who did IPL.

Regardless though, I was happy that I chose led light therapy because I can afford to go back for a second round which I wouldn't have been able to do with the an IPL treatment.