How many IPL treatments do I need to see results?

How many photofacial treatments are needed before I can see a clear improvement in my skin? Do doctors usually charge by the number of treatments or do you pay for a package?


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How many IPL photofacial treatments you’ll need is going to depend on what you’re having addressed during the procedure. I went in for popped blood vessels and red spots on my face and I needed 4 treatments to have them removed enough for my liking. I had a friend that went in for freckly age spots and she only needed two treatments.

When I was looking for an IPL practitioner there were a few that charged by individual visit but I picked one who had a package deal. They definitely want you to come back because IPL requires more than one visit but some places aren't willing to create a package. I personally avoid those types of places because it feels like they're more interested in taking my money than actually helping me with any of my concerns.

The amount of ipl treatments you'll need is really going to depend on what skin condition you're trying to tackle. I went in for brown spots that run in my family and I only had to go in three times to get the results that I wanted. I had a friend that went in for rosacea and sunspots that were really bad and that treatment took like four or five visits before she was satisfied.

The results were really fantastic for both of us and the procedure itself is relatively inexpensive when you look at it in reference to the amount of money that you would spend trying to fix your skin's surface using over the counter skin care methods. Not only does ipl work well, but unlike a chemical peel it's a day procedure with few side effects and super low downtime.

I've been researching the IPL photofacial procedure for the last 2 or 3 months because I'm interested in having it done. I have some sun spots, that I want to have taken care of so was told that I probably would only need between 3 to 6 treatments. From all of the research that I've done most people that have the type of sunspots that I have really only needed 4 so I'm looking forward to that.

The amount that you need to have done is really going to depend on what your having done and how severe your skin condition is. If you have serious sun damage or dark brown splotches then you're probably going to need more IPL treatments than if you have some slight sunspots scattered across their checks. Like with all skin treatments, it's really variable but I've seen a lot of really positive improvements in people's skin tones so I wouldn't stress too much about the exact number you'll need.