Is IPL the best treatment for dry eye?

I recently read about a study that revealed the positive effect of IPL on treating chronic dry eye. Was this treatment widely adopted or is it still something that needs more research? My eyes get really irritated and red in the evening after working on a computer all day. A lot of times my vision gets blurry too, which indicates that I might have a dry eye condition. I've just started researching the subject and I'm trying to find solutions for it.


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I think it depends on what sort of timeline you are looking at. I had looked into IPL at one point for my dry eyes but I felt like it was an extreme choice for something that I could probably treat with eye drops. I discussed it with my doctor and I personally decided to just keep using eye drops but I would understand if you don't want to have to use them everyday.

I have a friend that did use the IPL treatment because she kept forgetting to use their eye drops. She had great success and is really happy with her choice. I'm a little bit more leery about undergoing any sort of procedure so it just wasn't the right option for me.

I had a reoccurring problem with dry eyes and it would cause my eyes to become blurry on a regular basis. The Eye Institute near me recommended Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) to address chronic dry eye disease, and I had the treatment completed. Apperantly, they found out that IPL was helping to reduce dry eyes when patients receiving IPL for dermatological reasons experienced an improvement in their dry eye symptoms.

My doctor recommended four IPL treatments. He encouraged me to complete the procedures because it could treat both chronic dry eye disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, which is a root cause for dry eyes. IPL can also be used in combination with other dry eye therapies to get significant results. The treatments were able to slow the progress of my dry eye condition because it effectively treated MGD. I highly recommend IPL treatments because I have experienced a significant amount of relief.

I had red itchy eyes that burned for years. It got so bad that I had to quit my job as an office administrator and work in food service because I couldn’t stare at computer screens anymore. Even with the job switch, my eyes still bothered me. I finally went to an eye doctor who recommended IPL treatment for me. It’s one of the most recommended treatments now because it works so well for patients with chronic dry eye. You might have to go in for more than a few sessions to see results. My eyes got better after the fourth session. The research shows that IPL is effective because the lasers break up the deposits that are causing your eyes to itch. If your dry eye condition is bad, I recommend getting an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

As far as I understand it, Intense Pulsed Light treatment has now become the standard treatment for people who aren't responding to eye drops and stuff like that. It's commonly available to anyone who has chronic dry eye disease. I think I actually heard that it can frequently be covered by your insurance too, if you go to the right practitioner.

I think that you should talk with your primary care physician first before you start seeking care for this condition though. That way you can determine whether or not you actually have a dry eye condition or if there's something else in your environment that's irritating your eyes. Regardless, that sounds super frustrating and hopefully, you can find something to solve the issue as soon as possible.

I believe that it strongly encourage that you try a variety of different prescriptions before you start trying to address your dry ice through IPL. I'm assuming that you have probably talked a lot with your primary care physician and have already been prescribed a variety of things that didn't work for you?

If that's the case, then IPL treatment is going to be the best option for your dry eyes. I personally would be a little concerned about using it just because it could be easy to damage your retina using this treatment. Make sure that you do a lot of research into your practitioner before you decide on this option to make sure that you won't regret it.