What to expect after IPL photofacial day by day?

Can someone please give me a brief summary of what will happen after an IPL session? I'm having my first IPL treatment in a few days and I'm getting a bit nervous.


F, 40, North Dakota


I had several IPL treatments to treat acne and hyperpigmentation. After the IPL treatment, redness and bumps usually occur and last for about two hours. The redness and bumps can last for a few days as long as you didn't burst any blood vessels. I think of this process as a healing and regenerating experience and have a good attitude about it. Attitude can be everything after having a cosmetic treatment because the healing process will only produce results when you follow the skin care instructions.

It will feel like you have a sunburn, and you can use a cold compress to relieve any discomfort. You can also very gently apply aloe vera gel or one percent hydrocortisone to strategic areas. You could experience scabbing in certain areas. So, apply hydrocortisone cream to any sensitive areas. Remember to stay out of the sun completely for up to six weeks to prevent sun damage and brown spots. Avoid irritants like Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide for at least two days. If you have signs of infection, such as a fever, call your doctor for further instructions. I believe that you'll do great and that you will love the results! I'm thrilled with my overall complexion and new skin texture.

The day of your IPL photofacial you should expect to go home and rest. Even though the procedure itself is relatively pain-free and non-invasive your body has still gone through a laser treatment with intense pulsed light so you'll be tired and your skin will be extra sensitive.

You should expect to be more sleepy than normal and ready to relax. You're probably going to have some swelling, redness, and blotchy skin which is completely normal. The day after that you should see a reduction in the amount of swelling and any redness that you have on your face. My doctor told me to apply moisturizer and sunscreen to the treatment area and that's all I really ended up doing.

If you were experiencing any pain it should be less but you might have some itching in general. The third day most people feel fine to go back to work and their faces look completely normal. I hope that this answers your question.

When you have your IPL photofacial you should expect the process to go quickly and easily. For my first treatment I was only in there for 30 minutes and then I was able to go home. When I was done my face felt a little tight and sensitive to the touch but it wasn't red or swollen.

I went home and was exhausted so I immediately went to bed and took a pain reliever and fell asleep for like 9 hours. The next couple of days I just was gentle with my skin, making sure I was washing it twice a day, and just slathered myself with moisturizer. I definitely looked a little oily but I had no issues from the procedure and no scarring so I don't particularly care.

Honestly the recovery process is very simple as long as you keep moisturizing and avoid direct sun exposure a few weeks post treatment.

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking here but I’ll try answer.

I know that after the IPL photofacial they will double check to make sure that you're feeling okay and send you home. When I had mine done the only side effects I had were some light swelling and a red face but that faded within 36 hours. I didn't have very much pain and so I was able to go about my day as I normally would.

The biggest thing was making sure that I was using an SPF moisturizer as frequently as I needed to ensure that I didn't burn my skin or cause further damage. I think the struggle that I went through the most was trying not to touch my face as it heals because I had some slight itching which was surprising.

I don't think that you should be nervous about your ipl. It's a really simple skin treatment and it has amazing results for people that are struggling with their skin.