Are there any risks or complications I should be concerned about?

This seems like a pretty easy procedure to perform but I was curious if anyone came across any risk, complications, or side effects from the knee liposuction procedure? I am a worry wart so I always think the worst. Thanks all!


F, 45, New Jersey

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When the procedure is being performed in a well-resourced facility by an experienced surgeon, it is considered to be safe and healthy. I am very scared of getting any sorts of procedures so I did some through research before getting knee liposuction done. There are risks with any procedure but I felt pretty certain that I would be alright with getting this done.

Some of the risks I found from knee lipo were:

- Damaged skin, which is the result of friction from the cannulas that causes burns. The burns cause harm to both the nerves and the skin surrounding the affected area.

- You could be allergic to the anesthesia, which could be life threatening.  However, in the hands of licensed professionals I would not worry too much

- Uneven skin tone around the treated area. This can be a permanent effect.

If you gain weight after the procedure you might see the fat being stored in other parts of your body including the heart or liver, which could cause health complications down the road.

All surgeries, even minor ones, come with some risk. I did a lot of research before deciding to have liposuction on my knees. I scheduled several consultations with plastic surgeons and expressed my concerns about the procedure with each of them. The surgeon I selected was not only an experienced plastic surgeon; he had experience with knee liposuction. My doctor told me that the chances of experiencing any complications were very low. However, she still informed me about the possible risks. There is a chance of skin damage, burn marks, scarring, seroma, and unevenly-shaped knees. Again, these risks are minimal.

Before my knee liposuction procedure, I was worried about risks and complications. It is perfectly normal to be a little concerned. After doing some research, I discovered that when the procedure is done properly by a reputable doctor, the risk of complications is minimal. I had tumescent liposuction to the knees combined with thigh liposuction to the inner thighs and outer thighs. It was recommended to get both of these done at the same time.

The most important thing to remember is to follow the doctor's instructions exactly both before and after the procedure. All doctors offer a consultation before the procedure where they address any concerns. My board-certified plastic surgeon did let me know about any potential risks of all liposuction surgery, like skin damage. We discussed whether the procedure would be right for me. My doctor really was able to put my mind at ease by going into detail about all of my concerns.

Like any other kind of surgery, I knew that getting liposuction done to my knees did increase my risk for potential complications. However, I had worked so hard to get my weight down after being morbidly obese for almost two decades, that I was willing to look past the possible risks to get the results I needed and that I was looking for. While knee liposuction does carry risks, they truly are minimal in comparison to many other surgical procedures. Burn marks, blistering, scarring, seroma, toxicity, and ending up with unevenly shaped knees are some of them. These may seem scary, but the biggest risk you actually take is from not doing your research and choosing a really good, renowned, and board certified surgeon to perform your liposuction procedure. It personally took me about 2 months of diligent searching and consultations with a few plastic surgeons before I made my choice, which ended up being a great one for me.

All in all I didn't suffer any complications, I just had some swelling, bruising, and soreness in my knee area that went away after the recommended 3 week recovery time. Swelling and bruising are just part of the healing process. You got to remember that although the procedure is small incisions made to your knee, it is still a cosmetic procedure that will affect your body. Just make sure you follow the doctors order, like wearing compression garments and keeping your legs elevated post surgery.

Having surgery is a big deal, no matter how minor the procedure is. When I decided to have liposuction on my knees I was worried about what kinds of risks would be associated with the procedure. While there are always possible complications to every procedure, I found that the risk associated with knee liposuction are relatively small! There's always a possibility you could be allergic to the anesthetic used, which could cause life threatening issues. I was also told that there was a possibility of discoloration or burns on my skin as a result of the procedure. Also, there is always a possible risk of the fat removal in each knee not being the same, leaving you with unevenly shaped knees. And, a risk with any type of liposuction is that it can be dangerous to gain weight after having the procedure, but I am not looking to go back to my old, unhealthy ways!

When an experienced surgeon in a well-equipped facility does a knee liposuction, it is usually safe. There are several precautions that we take to minimize all the risks of surgery. For example, we often insist that no more than one area be treated at a time. Failure to do this or having surgery over a very large area may raise the risk of complications during or after the procedure.

Some of the risks that may be associated with knee liposuction include the following:

• There is a possibility that your skin will be damaged. This may be caused by the friction from the cannulas that result in skin burns. The skin burns, in return, may cause damage to both the skin and the nerves in the affected areas.
• There is also a risk of you having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. This could be life-threatening in worst cases
• You may experience permanent skin color changes. The skin on the treated area may also become uneven.
• Gaining weight after having a knee liposuction may be dangerous. Your body will need to store the new fat in another place where fat cells still exist. This new fat may grow deep inside your body, near such organs as the heart and liver. This new fat can be more dangerous to your body than the normal fat under the surface of your skin.