Does the CO2 laser labiaplasty work to reduce the size of the labia?

I have always been self conscious with the abnormally large size of my labia. I really don't think I would want a surgeon messing around in my pubic area with tools because I am scared of a possible botched procedure. I recently heard about the CO2 laser and how it has been successfully used to reduce the size of the labia. Is this true? I'd love to hear some experiences with the CO2 laser or even labia reduction surgery in general.


F, 34, New York

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I actually already had a labiaplasty performed but I got really curious because of this post. After all my research, I'm kind of regretting not going with this option in the first place.

There weren't any issues with my first labia surgery and the recovery time was actually minimal but I was really scared. It was my first surgery since having my wisdom teeth pulled and it felt very scary. I think that having it done via laser would have made me feel more comfortable.

From what I was reading it seems like you'll have less swelling, pain, and bruising while decreasing the amount of time you need to recover. They also apparently use self dissolving sutures so they don't have to worry about having any stitches coming out few weeks down the road.

Let us know if you end up going for it. I'd love to know whether I should suggest it to my friends who are considering a labiaplasty after my surgery.

You have every right to be nervous about getting plastic surgery on your labia. I’ve read some horror stories of these types of surgeries going wrong. It would be awful to have to live with the results of a surgeon’s mistake when you were going for improvement. But I’m living truth that CO2 laser labiaplasty really works! I loved it because it was non-surgical, and I was able to get back to my normal life when it was done. The surgeon was able to reshape my large labia to look natural, so it no longer looked like an extra piece of skin. I am so happy with the results. Talk to a doctor about it and see what you think.

Enough women have testified to the CO2 laser that I believe I can attest to its effectiveness. My sister is one of those women. She felt uncomfortable about her inner labia and outer labia being uneven and it was impossible to get her to go in public in a bathing suit or anything slightly revealing. After reviewing the options, she decided to go for the CO2 laser because it was a non-surgical method and far more gentle compared to the surgical method. She told me she especially appreciated the fact that she was put under local anesthesia so she didn’t have to be put completely under and in the end she went along life as usual because there is no recovery time like that needed for surgical labiaplasty. Now she’s the one always trying to get us to go to the beach!

I think your results will probably depend on which version of the CO2 laser treatment you are getting. I had the version that requires actually removing part of the labia with the laser. The labiaplasty recovery wasn't too bad, and the laser based surgery was very accurate and quick. I've heard there is another version that uses a less powerful CO2 laser to just blast the surface of the labia and encourage it to produce more collagen and tighten up. That supposedly helps to shrink the labia a little, but I don't think it would provide as effective results as an actual labiaplasty.

My inner lips were actually just a little uneven, and they hung out just of my outer labia just a little bit. I have heard horror stories of women who can’t even wear jeans without experiencing chafing, but I didn’t have a problem that serious. I originally looked into this procedure because I wanted a fix but I didn’t think I needed straight up cosmetic surgery. CO2 laser labiaplasty turned out to be my best option, because it gave me the results I was looking for without any cutting involved. It was done with a local anesthetic so I didn't need to be put completely under. I have achieved the results I had desired - meaning that now my inner labia excess tissue is fully inside my outer labia.

I had always been a little self conscious because my inner labia hung past my outer labia. My husband always said he didn't even notice, but after our last child I decided to have labial reduction and vaginal rejuvenation. I had heard horror stories about procedures gone wrong, but my doctor told me how much gentler the CO2 laser procedure was than traditional labiaplasty surgery. I got the results that I wanted and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Another great thing with this labiaplasty procedure is that I was able to be put under twilight anesthesia, or local anesthesia. While I had a few stitches where a lot of tissue was removed, they didn't bother me and dissolved on their own.

I totally feel you – I suffered from a large labia before I got my CO2 laser labiaplasty. The idea of an invasive plastic surgery procedure down there totally freaked me out, but I was really intent on doing something about the size of my labia. The CO2 laser labiaplasty ended up being the perfect choice for me – it tightened up the area, which made for a visible reduction in size to the labia minora, labia majora, and clitoral hood. And, after the procedure, I went on my merry way, because you don’t need time to recover from the laser treatment like you do from a regular labiaplasty.

I was pretty self-conscious about my large labia. Depending on the pants I was wearing, my labia would cause me some discomfort. I wanted to know if there was a way to reduce the size of my labia. I was told that CO2 labiaplasty is the ideal procedure to address my issue. There are surgical and non-surgical CO2 labiaplasty options. I decided to take the non-surgical approach. The CO2 approach decreased the size of my labia without needing to remove any of its tissue. This option allowed me to continue my regular activities afterward the procedure. I was extremely happy with the results and I no longer feel self-conscious, or experience any discomfort in the female genitalia region.

C02 laser definitely works and is worth checking out. I actually had my laser labiaplasty for not only, size reduction, but the bunch of benefits that come with it. My plastic surgeon told me that it held the potential to make my orgasms more intense thus improving my sexual activity and decrease my mild case of incontinence, which is awesome in and of itself. I was skeptical at first, but after the procedure, everything my doctor told me was true. I won't get into details, but it will change that part of your life for the better.

Because it's such a sensitive topic, I waited a long time before doing anything about my extra labial tissue. Even though I was a little skeptical at first, I had a great experience with the CO2 laser procedure. The surgical procedure only lasted a little over an hour, and all the extra tissue was gone. I feel much more confident in intimate situations and when wearing tight clothing and have completely eliminated my episodes of irritated labial tissue. Like you, I was weighing the options of CO2 laser labiaplasty versus the surgical route. I'm glad I went with the laser because I didn't have to deal with sutures or staples and had a relatively quick recovery time.