Is it painful to have a hymenal tag removed?

I recently learned that the awkward bit of skin I've had on my vagina since my late teens is called a Hymenal tag. My gynecologist didn't seem too concerned about it but I don't like it at all and would like to have it removed. But I'm afraid it could be very painful. Has anybody here ever been through this procedure? Just how bad is it? I'm very sensitive to pain.


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Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear that! My bestie in the whole wide world had the same exact problem. She had to have hers removed because sex was just too painful for her. She said even lubes couldn't make it bearable. She went to her gyno and found out that she had hymenal tags. She didn't have a clue what to expect so she invited me down for the week of her surgery lol. She wanted some moral support and possible help afterwards if it was too painful.

I won't lie to you - the first couple of days she was pretty out of it. She's sensitive to pain, as well. But now we can swap 'stories' and it's fun. In fact, she's finally pregnant after two years of marriage! So is it painful? I would say so. But is it worth it? Definitely!

I developed a hymenal skin tag after the birth of my oldest, so I ended up getting it removed. The surgery itself actually wasn't that painful at all. The most uncomfortable part was the injection to numb the area, and that felt like a quick pinch. The whole process from start to finish just took about a half hour, and it didn't require stitches or bandages. Once the numbness wore off, it was a little uncomfortable when I moved or sat in certain ways. In the week after my surgery, I regularly took Tylenols to help with the pain. It was completely healed within about two and a half weeks, and I could have sex without feeling pain.

I had this procedure performed a few years ago for the same reasons. My tag wasn't very big and my doctor saw no reason to remove it but I asked them to for cosmetic reasons.

Like User1635303 mentioned the only thing that really hurts is the numbing medication. If you've ever had a mole removed or something like that it feels similar to that. It has a really short recovery time unless the tag is large.

I know I was way happier after I had mine removed and I hope the same for you! I stopped feeling so self-conscious about being naked with partners after I had it done. Good luck!

I’m so glad that I had my hymenal tags removed. I didn’t really care about how they looked because nobody but me knew that I had them, but they got swollen and painful. I couldn’t use tampons because they made the vaginal skin tags so much worse. But you’re worried about the procedure, so I’ll tell you that it’s super easy. The doctor gave me a sedative and honestly, I don’t remember much of the hymenal tag removal, but that’s a good thing, right? I healed completely in a couple of weeks. I was worried about the healing process, but I had no pain. I think you’re going to be okay.

I had this surgery done 4 weeks ago. I was put under. The surgery itself was easy. Afterward when the pain med wore off I only had a little discomfort, but I took an Ibuprofen and felt better. Walking was fine. It was going from a laying position to sitting up, or rolling over in bed that was uncomfortable. I had a little bit of blood for the first week, and got my period the 2nd week. After 3 weeks, I had sex with my man. Initially for the first week it was painful when he entered, but with lube it's better.

how much was it?

It really depends on a lot of different factors. I’ve heard stories from all sorts of different women who claim that it was either a very easy procedure and they came out of it unscathed while others complained about pain that they felt afterwards. During the removal of the hymenal tag itself, you won’t feel any pain. Or rather, you shouldn’t feel any pain. Most if not all gynecologists will have you under anesthesia for the procedure so you really don’t know anything that’s happening until it’s all over. You may still feel a bit numb afterwards but that’s nothing major. If you do have it removed and feel pain afterwards, don’t worry! You should be back to normal in about a day’s time.

Researchers are not entirely sure what causes hymenal tags to develop. What can happen is that when the hymen breaks, remnants of the hymen can remain. The break can be caused by sex, tampon use, riding a horse, or cycling. Hymenal tags can also form after childbirth, as giving birth can further disrupt and tear the tissue.

Hymenal tags are often very small and present very few symptoms. The main symptom is irritation, which can arise if there is friction between the tag and underwear, or friction occurring during sexual intercourse. While there is no real medical necessity to remove hymenal tags, some women choose to do so to feel more confident and comfortable.

The hymenal tag removal procedure is straightforward and quick. It takes between 15 to 30 minutes on average and you can return home afterwards. During surgery your feet will most likely be placed in stirrups. The genital area will be cleaned and a local anesthetic injected. There may be a slight sensation when the needle is inserted. When the area is numb, the extra hymenal tissue will be cut from the skin with a sterile surgical tool. Bandages and dressings are not usually needed.

Following the procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort or very light bleeding from the surgical site, but should be able to resume normal activities almost immediately. The area can be kept clean with fragrance-free, natural soap and patted dry. Most doctors recommend that the patient wait a few days before resuming sex or tampon use, but may do both if they feel ready.

While everyone's pain threshold is different, most women find the procedure very tolerable. Those who do experience some mild pain take pain relief. I suggest you schedule an appointment with a well-trained cosmetic gynecologist who can answer any further questions you may have.

I just got mine removed yesterday. The numbing shots burn, but you can't feel it during. It will also hurt all day after, but after that, you're fine.

If the tag is causing pain then get it taken care of — but most hymenal tags don't cause any pain or discomfort, and have no medical significance. 

This procedure should not be one that causes pain or discomfort. There is actually no reason to use anesthesia during this procedure, as it only adds extra time, risks, and hassle. This is an outpatient procedure that a well-trained cosmetic gynecologist should be able to routinely perform in their office with local anesthesia. I would not consider this to be any more painful than a simple dermatological skin removal that requires a minimal amount of pain medicine once the numbing wears off and heals rather quickly.