Need advice on saggy vagina treatments

My 17-year old daughter is mortified by what she calls her saggy vagina. I am terrified for her self-esteem which was fine until she became aware that not all vaginas looked like hers. I don't want her to think I think it is bad enough that it needs to be fixed but I am willing to take that chance. If there is any procedure that could help avoid her having to live with this forever, I would like to find out about it and any other procedures that can give her back her self-esteem. It is killing me and I am desperate.


F, 47, California

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As Lorelei already mentioned here, there are a few different options for your daughter. You could choose to have her go under the knife to adjust the way her vagina looks but I would consider waiting a little longer.

Normally I wouldn't stick my nose where it wasn't asked for but I had a friend whose daughter underwent a vaginoplasty. Not only did she find the pain to be rather bad, it didn't increase her self-esteem. She liked the way her vagina looked after the surgery but the issue wasn't really her vagina. It was how she felt about herself.

Maybe spend some time with her talking about the different types of vaginas that are out there. I know that the Great Wall of Vaginas has an entire display celebrating different labia’s and maybe that would help her realize that everyone is unique and beautiful. If that doesn't work, there's always vaginal tightening surgery.

It sounds weird I know, but many women have the same question. It doesn’t help any woman’s self-esteem to know that her vagina looks different from all the other vaginas in the world but don’t worry! It isn’t hard to correct this issue. In fact, there are many treatment options available. There is one procedure where the doctor simply removes the sagging labia and adjusts the remaining tissue so that the loose vagina has a tighter appearance. This is called a labia majoraplasty and is a very common surgical procedure these days. I also read about other procedures that you can do that wouldn’t need surgery like using a CO2 laser or radio frequency. I would really suggest that before you take any action, at least do some research on all the different procedures to deal with this issue and talk to a cosmetic gynecologist to determine which method would suit you best in terms of comfort and cost.

Like your daughter, I spent my teen years worrying that my vaginal area was abnormal due to my labia length. I only started recovering my self esteem in college once I saw this art project with many different labia sizes and shapes. Seeing something like that, which features vaginas besides those tiny ones viewed in porn and classical art, might help your daughter a bit. However, if she's still uncomfortable with her size, there are some surgery methods that can reduce labia length. I remember researching them a bit when I was a teen, and the results really are impressive. I did find out that most plastic surgeons won't operate on a minor though because hormonal changes during puberty could affect the final results.

I completely understand how your daughter feels. I had the same problem and it was embarrassing as a teenage girl to have to answer questions about my “bulge”. I wore skirts all the time and never went swimming or wore any kind of tight clothing. I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun because of my sagging vaginal tissue. Several years ago, I decided to try labiaplasty because I was tired of the pain and limited clothing choices. The vaginal rejuvenation has literally changed my life! I don’t feel ashamed of my body and I am able to wear a swimsuit! I recommend talking to a plastic surgeon with your daughter about getting labiaplasty. I only wish that I’d done it sooner.

There are several treatment options available for this cosmetic issue. The most common treatment is a labia majoraplasty. This is where a doctor removes the sagging labia and adjusts the remaining tissue to create a tighter appearance. There are also new nonsurgical treatments of labia major that use a CO2 laser or radio frequency. 

The best thing to do is to consult with a cosmetic gynecologist to determine her desired comfort level with surgery and the best route for the outcome she expects.