What are the risks of labiaplasty surgery?

Did anyone have any side effects from the procedure? I think I am a good candidate and am considering going to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation.


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This was literally the first question that I asked when I was talking to my surgeon. I'm all for feeling confident and making myself as comfortable in my own body as I can, but not if there's a great chance I'm going to die.

My doctor covered the really scary ones first which includes the standard things that you see with any surgery. That means bleeding, infection, or a hematoma. My surgeon told me that those risks are really rare and continue to decrease depending on how good your surgeon is.

There is are chances for bad scarring, chronic dryness, and pain having sexual intercourse but even those risks are low.

The most common complication that you probably will have is bruising and swelling from the surgery. That can be treated with ice packs, and over-the-counter aspirin. In general, if you have an experienced surgeon and are in good health you should probably be fine.

There are a few risks associated with the surgical procedure which can be prevented by doing something as simple as going to a reputable surgeon. This can reduce the risks but the surgeon should walk you through possible complications that could happen after the cosmetic surgery. Mild pain and swelling are common occurrences after most procedures but this is something that clears up on its own after a week or so. There are risks involved like bleeding, issues with healing and infections including yeast growths but these are rare and can be managed. I was thinking about getting one myself an asked the gynecologist if there was anything else I needed to know. She said there could be some changes in sensation and the possibility for scarring but these don’t have any long term effects causing discomfort or anything. She did say it’s always important to check back if anything has me concerned so I’d suggest the same for you.

I ended up with an infection after my labiaplasty. Like any other plastic surgery, there's a risk involved in opening the skin, so my doctor had warned me of the possibility beforehand. I first noticed the infection a few days later when the outer lips started looking very red and swollen. Since I was able to notice it and seek treatment right away, it wasn't too bad. After a dose of antibiotics, the infection went away and I managed to heal normally. However, I've heard that some women suffer from more permanent side effects. If the plastic surgeon doesn't shape the labial tissue properly, you could end up with labia that may get easily pulled on or hurt during sex and other movements, and there's also a risk for more severe scarring.

I had labiaplasty surgery several years ago and I was unlucky enough to get a yeast infection. It sounds much worse than what it was though. The doctor treated me immediately and the infection went away within two days of having the surgery. I was nervous that the infection would come back so I was a wreck over the next two weeks of healing, but then I was okay! My doctor advised me that other things that can wrong are nerve damage and bleeding, but this rarely happens. I’m so pleased with the results of the labiaplasty procedure. It’s really changed my life.

I personally didn’t experience any side effects. Your plastic surgeon will definitely go over those with you, but I’m pretty sure they are rare. There is always a chance of a yeast infection but I still think its rare. What I did experience was some swelling. Even though I was prepared for this side effect, I was still kind of surprised at how much swelling there actually was. But it went down significantly in about a week, and there weren’t any lasting problems. In fact, all things considered, I’m really glad I did a labiaplasty – any pain was worth the price, because my outer labia looks amazing now.

As with any procedure under general anesthesia, there are some risks involved, but I didn't experience anything too intense. My doctor was very thorough, though, and I felt like I was in great hands. Apparently, infection is a potential problem, and when I started feeling sick a few days after the procedure, she put me on antibiotics for a few days, just to be on the safe side. My whole family was sick, though, so it was most likely just a bug. My doctor basically said that, while there are risks of nerve damage, bleeding, and scarring, these are rare cases. I am now thrilled with my vaginal rejuvenation and feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.

I was very interested in a labiaplasty, but I was really concerned about the potential risks of plastic surgery. I didn't want to undergo a surgical procedure with a high probability of severe risks associated with it. So, one of the questions I asked was about the risks associated with labiaplasty. Common complications of the surgery are a risk of bleeding, issues with healing and infections. However, I went to a reputable and experienced surgeon, greatly reducing the chances of this occurring. I was told that I may experience changes in sensation, but these changes are temporary. There is going to be scarring, but discomfort from scarring is rare. I didn't experience any risks and had a successful surgery. Make sure you avoid sexual intercourse for about 6 weeks until your labial tissue is fully healed.

When I got my labiaplasty surgery, I didn’t really see any side effects, but I know there are some. I experienced some mild pain and swelling, but that went away in a few days. I think if you get an infection that won’t go away or feel constant pain, you should go back to the doctor for treatment. Your plastic surgeon can definitely help you better understand the risks of labiaplasty, but I think if you do your research and find a great surgeon you can minimize any risks.