What is the recovery time for a labiaplasty?

I desperately need to do something down there but am definitely concerned with getting surgery. How long would I have to take off from work in order to recover from this procedure? Is there anything else I should know about the recovery process?


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Don’t worry – you can still go to work while you’re recovering. After my labiaplasty, I only needed three days before I felt like I could get back in the grind. By then, there was hardly any swelling and no bleeding. The post op pain from the procedure was really mild. I think most women are like me – they head back to work after two to five days. You still have to abstain from sex for about six weeks, because you won’t be fully healed for a few months at least. But all in all don't fret the labiaplasty recovery - you will be fine.

Most patients take 3 days off work after a labiaplasty. Everyone is different and every experience varies. After your 3 days off work you need to continue to ice and elevate as needed. No sex for 6-8 weeks and no gym for 2-3 weeks.

It doesn’t take long at all for a labiaplasty to heal. At least not physically. Everyone’s body is different and you may have a longer healing time than others, but with some rest and refraining from strenuous activities like sex and exercise for at least six weeks, you should be good to go in only a few days. Internally the body will take months to heal but that shouldn’t affect you from carrying on with life as usual as long as you take it easy and listen to your body. Some women have mentioned swelling and bleeding happening during recovery but you can talk to your doctor to see what measures can be taken in the event of this happening.

A labiaplasty usually won't take a long time to heal unless they're doing extreme cosmetic work. I usually liken it to having your tubes tied or snipped. The recovery time for those two procedures are between 2 to 6 weeks but most people feel fine within a few days.

My friend had this procedure done because she had a long labia and she was back to work the next week. She did say that there was more swelling then she expected. She navigated that by getting one of those donuts that you sit on that most people get for hernias and using over-the-counter pain medication.

I would also suggest that you invest in some decent ice packs. The cold compresses were a lifesaver for her whenever she was struggling with getting the swelling down. It's definitely a sensation that you have to get used to but it's worth it.

The total recovery period for my labiaplasty was a little on the long side. I had some swelling and bruising that took several weeks to fade completely, and my plastic surgeon didn't clear me for sexual intercourse until six weeks after the surgery. However, I was able to return to work fairly quickly. I probably could've gone back to work five days after the surgery, but I waited a full week just in case. My recovery wasn't terribly painful or anything, but it was inconvenient. I'd recommend stocking up on pads because you probably won't be able to use tampons for a month or two.

I had labiaplasty and was so amazed at how fast the healing process was. The doctor advised me to take two days off of work after surgery, but I was fine the next day (I still stayed home though!). Some people have lots of swelling and pain over two to three weeks post-op, but I had no problems at all. Taking sitz baths help heal the area and your stitches disappear in about two weeks. If you are a slow healer and worried about it, then I would suggest taking a week off if you have vacation time available. That way you won’t be stressed and can heal and relax.

Officially, your body takes a few months to heal from a labiaplasty. But, unofficially, you’ll likely feel well enough to get back to the grind in just a few days. After my labiaplasty, I enjoyed a few drug-induced days of recovery, but I didn’t even need a full week off from work. You definitely want to give yourself the recovery time you need. I experienced a lot of swelling, so I had to accommodate that with cold compresses to the vaginal area. You’ll also want to skip sex and strenuous exercise to enhance your recovery time.

I went back to work after three days, but that doesn't mean I was completely recovered. One thing to remember is that this is an actual surgery. There will be some bruising and swelling. Some women I know minimize the procedure, but just remember, it's okay to take time for you and give your body time to heal. I had some mild pain and tenderness for weeks after the procedure, and my doctor had me soaking the area and drying it with a hair dryer three times a week for two weeks. I also applied an ice pack each evening to reduce the swelling. I didn't have sex for about 6 weeks but also avoided other types of strenuous activities, and it paid off. I got great results in the end.

Recovery times depend on whether you have the CO2 laser labiaplasty or choose standard labiaplasty surgery. My friend had the CO2 laser procedure, and she was sore but back to her daily routine, minus sexual activities and strenuous exercise, the next day. After my surgical labiaplasty which was on a Thursday, I returned to work the following Monday, but I abstained from even moderate exercise for about a month. Both methods require what they call 'pelvic rest' which means no sexual intercourse, douching, or inserting anything in the vagina until about six weeks post op to allow the tissues to heal. Overall, unless you have an active, strenuous job, the healing process after a labiaplasty is minimal. I basically took a long weekend from work and then just tried to take it easy and not push myself too hard for the next few weeks.

I wasn't really satisfied with what was going on down there. I had three kids and there have been some unwanted changes to my body. After discussing with a plastic surgeon, I decided that undergoing a labiaplasty to correct some of these changes was the right choice for me. The excess skin was removed from my labia and then it was tightened. Because this is considered to be an invasive procedure, I needed to take 2 to 5 days off of work. I also had to abstain from sexual activity for six weeks during my recovery period. Had I chosen a non-surgical approach, I wouldn’t have experienced any downtime. I chose the invasive procedure because it would provide the better results for my situation. Pain medication was provided post op but I decided to stick to just tylenol.