Whats the difference between wedge labiaplasty and trim method?

I am definitely going to have this procedure done. I have always had a wide labia since puberty and it has led me to kind of shy away from any sexual activity. What are people's experiences with the wedge and trim techniques? Which one should I get?


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It’s great that you are asking questions about this before you get plastic surgery. I had the trim procedure done and it was really effective for me. My plastic surgeon advised me that the trim labiaplasty is the most common surgery done. The difference is that with the trim the surgeon literally cuts along the edge of the labia. Healing is very fast, and the trim helps with new skin growth. The wedge surgery involves the surgeon cutting a v shape out of the labia minora and the sides are then stitched back together. When I weighed the two surgeries and the complications that could come from either of them, I went for the trim. I didn’t like the idea of my labia being cut!

Which one you get will probably end up relying on the shape of your labia and your desired outcome from the surgery. When I went in for a consultation, my doctor discussed both procedures with me. It turns out that the trim method removes tissue along the entire rim of the labia while the wedge method just removes a V shaped bit in the middle. Since my labia were mostly just too long along the middle area, I ended up selecting the wedge procedure. It worked well for me, and I like that it preserved the natural color change from the inner to the outer portion.

It sounds like most of the responses that you've already got were really comprehensive. I think that it's really important that you talk with your surgeon about what you want and make a decision with them so that you can walk out of the surgery room happy.

Your surgeon will also explain more carefully the differences between the trim and the wedge. A quick overview of each is that the trim is like taking off a little bit of fat off of slice of meat whereas the wedge is literally taking a wedge out of it and then sewing it back together.

Regardless of which option you and your surgeon choose, I'm sure that you're going to be thrilled with the results. I know that having my labiaplasty completely changed my life and made me feel more sexually confident than I've ever felt.

Before my plastic surgery, I went back and forth between these options. Eventually, I chose the trim method because I had a lot of hanging tissue in my clitoral hood that had gotten really dark and discolored. My doctor said the trim method would remove this all along the labial edge. I almost went with the wedge labiaplasty because I do have a little bit of asymmetry, too, and that method takes out some of the middle tissue and then connects the tissue on the back and front segments. In the end, it really depends on your individual anatomy, and your surgeon can help you choose what's right for you.

When I started to inquire about my labiaplasty surgery, I had no idea that there were two different methods. I was told that the wedge method would preserve my labia's natural edge. However, I didn't want anything that looked irregular looking and wanted to my outer and inner labia to look the same size. Another reason I didn't want the wedge labiaplasty is that there are more complications. Also, my recovery time would be longer. My plastic surgeon suggested the trim technique because its versatility would allow me to get the shape and color I desired. I was happy with the results because I have a more natural, even looking labia.

Both types of procedures are really common. My labiaplasty was the trim method, which is where the surgeon removes any excess tissue along the entire length of the labia. I picked this method because the surgeon told me it was the best way to control the shape and size of my labia. There’s one catch – you do see a scar when it’s healed. With the wedge labiaplasty, they remove a V-shaped chunk of your labia and stitch the two sides together. I think the wedge technique is less common because it’s really best for correcting asymmetry or excess length in the middle of your labia.