How painful is Fraxel Laser resurfacing along with recover?

How painful is Fraxel Laser resurfacing and the recovery what goes along with it? I have seen that it’s pretty easy to handle but I am not up for anything that is too invasive. I avoid surgery at all costs. If someone can confirm that their experience was pretty manageable I might book a procedure this week.


F, 50, California

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I had Fraxel laser resurfacing done last year and it wasn't very painful, but was certainly uncomfortable. The amount of pain you'll have depends on the amount of energy and depth the laser is capable of generating. During the procedure you're prepped with a topical anesthetic, which in my case was a local numbing cream (lidocaine), so you don't feel much. I was also offered a Valium or Vicodine to soothe my nerves, but didn't need it. I've even heard of doctors placing the patient under light sedation (like they do if you have dental procedure), to completely relax the patient. I have a higher pain tolerance, so I didn't need valium or local sedation. 

The procedure itself was very simple and I tolerated it well. After the procedure, I was red for several weeks, but by week two I just looked like I had a bad sunburn. 

Overall, I would not be worried about the pain of a Fraxel resurfacing procedure. You'll want to make sure you have ample time off from work though, because you'll be very red for a few weeks and will not want to leave your house!