What are the different lip augmentation techniques?

My lips have always been rather thin, so I started looking into ways to get fuller lips. What are the different type of lip augmentations available? I think that I would want to do something non-invasive at first to see if fuller lips fit my face. Thanks.


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I'm also a fan of non-invasive procedures, so the first time I got my lips done, my doctor injected one syringe of Juvederm Ultra into my lips. In my experience, one syringe is pretty conservative; it subtly enhanced my pout and didn't leave me with over-injected lips. To get the soft, natural look I wanted, my doctor started injecting at the corners. My lips had started to droop a bit due to age, and a few drops of Juvederm injected at the sides gave my lips a less angry, more positive shape. Then he injected along the border of my lips, which added volume. I asked my doctor to emphasize my cupid's bow, so he injected that area as well.

In the past 5 years, I have had both fillers and implants. I was getting fillers for so long that I became comfortable with my new plumper lips. So when I made the decision to get implants, I was 100% sure about what I wanted to look like.

As for non-invasive options, I have plenty of friends and family who have used various methods. I also tried a few non-invasive options myself to no avail since I wanted a more dramatic and permanent effect.

The injections I used were hyaluronic acid, but you can actually use hyaluronic acid topical fillers without the needle. Hyaluronic acid is considered safe because it occurs naturally in the body. My friend uses a non-invasive filler that contains botanical oils, collagen and hyaluronic acid. She has noticeably fuller lips, but it requires continuous upkeep. There are various topical versions that you can apply, and they come in the form of masks, serums and balms.

I also tried lip pumps a long time ago, and the effects last only for a few hours.

Overall, non-invasive options are safer and less painful for lip enhancement, but they're far from the real deal.

I have always had thin lips. I would look at other women with their nice, full pouts and I wanted to have that type of lip volume as well. I started thinking about lip augmentation so I looked into my choices. I could go with dermal fillers and get injections in my lips. I could choose a fat transfer and have fat removed from somewhere else on my body to have it injected into my lips. My last option was to have lip implants, silicone implants that could be inserted into my lips.

I didn't want to go with implants. Plastic surgery would be a more invasive option and they are meant to last. What if I didn't like it? In the end, I went back and forth between dermal fillers and a fat transfer. I finally decided to go with the fat transfer. I thought this was the most natural solution for me. I also liked the idea of getting rid of some fat that was hanging around on my body. It was like two procedures for the price of one! I'm really happy with my results. My lips are fuller. They look and feel natural. I also trimmed down my tummy a bit when the fat was removed for the procedure.

I have had a lip augmentation completed, and I'm thrilled with the results. Before the treatment, my lower lip was very thin and disappeared when I smiled. During my consultation with my plastic surgeon, he explained the different options to me. A permanent lip augmentation procedure is an option, but my doctor recommended that I receive a noninvasive treatment using an injectable filler, which offers outstanding results without surgery.

Restylane and Juvederm Volbella were both options that were offered to me for a lip rejuvenation, instead of silicone or saline implants, which are permanent. My doctor recommended Juvederm Volbella, which I had injected into my upper lip. The injections were painless, and my results were instant. I returned to work immediately and had only minor bruising and swelling for a couple of days. The effects can last for several months, and I'm planning to continue maintaining this look with treatments every few months. If you're looking for a customized lip treatment, I recommend the Juvederm filler. 

I wanted my lips to be fuller and more luscious and, simultaneously, reduce the wrinkling around them, so my doctor said I was a perfect candidate for a lip augmentation. Then he proceeded to describe different ways in which this can be done. The way he put it, there is no one way to augment your lips, and they are constantly coming up with better ways to do it. Basically, however, you can choose to go for lip injections with hyaluronic acid or the more radical lip augmentation surgery. When it comes to fillers, there are two basic injection techniques: One is injecting at the area that is outside of the lips, going through the skin that surrounds them. The other is injecting at the inside of the lip, in the area where both lips touch when you close your mouth.