What happens during lip augmentation surgery?

I have been getting fillers to my lips for years now and have decided that constant trips to my plastic surgeon were not the best use of my finances. Getting lip implants will be more permanent and I do not have to worry about going to the doctor every 3-6 months. What happens during this surgery and how long does it take?

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I have had lip augmentation surgery completed, and I got the best results. I had gotten lip injections as well, but I got tired of having treatments done every three or four months. I'm excited about my full lips and implant results. My lip surgery was comfortable, and the recovery was smooth. The operation took about an hour, and I had small incisions made on my lips, near the edge of my mouth. My surgeon created a tunnel into my lips and inserted customized implants into my upper and lower lip.

There are different types of implants available. Ask your board-certified doctor for before and after photos from previous lip surgeries. Your doctor will allow you to choose implants that match the lip size and shape that you want, based on your facial structure. I decided on ultrasoft implants because I wanted my lips to feel completely comfortable and natural. My procedure was around $2500 dollars, but your surgery could cost less if you only have your upper lip done or if you choose a different type of implant. I am so happy with my lip implants because my lips are now full and sexy while looking completely natural.

I had lip augmentation for a similar reason—I just couldn't justify the constant trips to the doctor's office for lip fillers. The procedure itself wasn't too painful. My doctor used a local anesthetic rather than a general anesthetic, so it felt more like a trip to the dentist's than a surgery. The lip augmentation procedure itself took about an hour, and then I was sent home with my new pair of fuller lips. There was some swelling and bruising in my lips for about a week afterwards, but the pain was manageable—over the counter pain medications and cold compresses were all I needed. I think they settled completely after about a month, and they've looked great ever since! I would definitely recommend them for anyone who likes the look of injectable fillers, but wants something more permanent.

I had lip implants a few months ago and am very pleased with the results. I also had hyaluronic acid fillers for years. With fillers the trips to the doctor and the dent in my wallet were becoming a concern to upkeep my plump lips. However, I do credit injectable fillers will allowing me to see that I liked myself with fuller lips. This made me feel more confident with my lip enhancement surgery. As for the procedure, my doctor first instructed me to discontinue a couple of my supplements a week before. These were nattokinase enzyme and fish oil. Some supplements, like the aforementioned, thin the blood and make clotting more difficult, which can increase bleeding.

During the procedure, which took an hour, I underwent local anesthesia. My doctor informed me that local versus general anesthesia reduces bruising and bleeding. She made small incisions on the corners of my lips and tunnels through which to insert solid silicon tubes. They stitch the incisions, which dissolve on their own. I did feel pressure during surgery, and I wasn't in a lot of pain after the surgery. Overall, it's short and simple.