Can armpit fat be removed through liposuction?

I'm a 32 year-old woman with a healthy BMI and a B-cup. I've always felt relatively confident about my appearance, except for one thing: I have what can only be called "armpit fat", from a lack of a better term. I've been reading up about it and have heard that in some cases folds of fat under the arms and to the sides of the breasts can be removed with liposuction. Has anyone had this done? Please advise. PS: it's not axillary breast - my armpits don't have nipples hehe.


F, 35, Nevada

Armpits with nipples lol. Armples. Nippits. I hear you. Been there, done my homework. Armpit fat can definitely be removed through liposuction. The incisions are really small and can be put in the armpit so they don’t show once you are healed. Since it’s not a large area you see the results pretty quickly. The swelling peaks around 3 days after surgery so if you do not see good results right after the procedure there's no need to worry because in three weeks you start to see the swelling go down. Some people say they continue to see their results get better and better for up to 6 months after surgery. Depending on which plastic surgeon you go to, the procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office or it can be done at the hospital under general anesthesia. It's a pretty short surgery, around an hour up to two hours and you can go home the same day.

I had armpit fat removed through liposuction and it has helped me feel much more confident! I was a healthy weight with C-cup breasts, but I had large fat deposits near the front of my armpits. These deposits were terribly visible when I was wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops and I was regularly wearing slimming undershirts to smooth out the bulges. I decided to get my armpit fat removed before I got married so that I could wear a strapless dress. The procedure went smoothly and I had an excellent doctor. I’m very glad I did it! My advice is to ask your doctor every question you have; a good doctor will take the time to make sure you understand every step of the procedure. Keep your questions in a notebook and bring it to your appointments so you don’t forget anything. 

Hi, hi! I am so happy that I had my armpit fat removed. I had tried all sorts of exercises and NOTHING WORKED!! Like you, I've always had a healthy BMI, but I just could not get rid of that embarrassing sack of fat. It made me so uncomfortable when I wanted to dress up for dates or even getting naked around my boyfriend for the first time - ugh! Recovery time was fast, I had very little pain, and I don't have any noticeable scars. I actually ended up getting a few new sleeveless dresses and shirts! Please believe me when I say that I always felt pretty, but now I feel beautiful! :D I can't recommend this highly enough. Why suffer when you can have it fixed so easily?? Good luck, sweetie! XOXO