Considering Liposuction to decrease the size of my waist

Hi, I’m passionate about modeling. I used to take part in fashion shows, photo shoot etc whenever I get an opportunity. My bf is a photographer and he has always taken pictures of me. But recently he told me about me looking a bit overweight. I used to control my diet and make sure to watch my portion size. But now the problem is a lot of fat is accumulated at my waist, and it has damaged my body shape.  Recently I was comparing my old pictures with how I look now and was amazed how much I had gained.  I was quite upset but my bf assured me that I looked great and could get back to my old figure.

I participated in a fashion show recently and was wearing a very luxurious outfit and felt great.  However, because of my increase waist size and body shape I was not selected to the next round.  My bf suggested that maybe I undergo liposuction surgery to contour my waist.  I may do this but am worried about the potential side effects.  Is the surgery painful.  Please share your views.


F, 19, Ontario