Diet and Liposuction

I am not a quitter, but at what point should I accept that there is belly fat that is not going to be fixed with diet and exercise.  I am thinking about liposuction to even out my torso area.  One flank seems to be disproportionate to the other :(


F, 30, Connecticut

I have gotten chubby after time and loosing weight was hard so like in ur situation belly fat could not be fixed with diet. Could not decide between lipo and tummy tuck, but finally went for lipo. First at all they were not scars and i think my body looks great. Not saying you can not see any bra rolls or so, but it seemed better and i also i started to eat healthy after the procedure and be more active, maybe that helped this time as well. But i am happy with my look. However i was scared from the beginning because i had it done on more areas on my body and am gratefull do Dr. Hyza at Forme clinic for his support and good care - and that is what count as well.