How can you get rid of liposuction scars?

I had liposuction to get rid of some belly fat around two months ago and while I'm happy to have a much slimmer abdomen, I'm also kind of angry because I'm still stuck with scarring from the procedure. I always knew that there would be some scarring after liposuction but didn't expect it to be as pronounced as it is on me. I've seen before and after photos of other patients who've had liposuction from my doctor and their scars are hardly noticeable. My scarring doesn’t seem like it's ever going to be less noticeable. Am I crazy for thinking of going for another procedure to get rid of this scarring? Or should I just be patient and wait it out and see what happens - maybe they will fade yet? 


F, 34, Utah

I got rid of my scars using Intense Pulsed Light. I had a tummy tuck procedure and while I was happy with the outcome, I had large purple scars on my lower belly. My doctor had advised me that I should wait until twelve months after the procedure to begin treating my scars because they will often fade with time. I waited twelve months, but I still had deep purple scars. First, I tried bleaching creams. I only managed to use them for a few days because I experienced itching and burning. Next, my general doctor recommended cortisone creams. I used these for approximately six months, but I noticed very little change in the color or size of the scars. Finally, I talked to the doctor who performed my tummy tuck and he recommended Intense Pulsed Light treatments. The treatment was easy and caused very mild redness. I had to have four sessions done, but my scars are dramatically lighter.