Life After Liposuction

Life After Liposuction, submitted image.Life After Liposuction, submitted image.

Around one year ago, I started considering Lipo to get rid of some unwanted belly fat. I’m 53, so my reason was not a cosmetic one, it was a quality of life issue. I had big problems just trying to bend over to lift something that fell on the floor. Diet and exercise have failed, so I went to see a doctor to get some advice on what to do to contour problem areas. 

At the beginning, I thought I was cheating the system, but then I remembered how everybody had fake lashes, fake hair, fake everything. Nowadays, nobody can really say that they are completely natural. So why not get on with it? However, liposuction is not a fast way to a perfect body. In fact, liposuction can only do so much. Losing weight is the biggest issue -- liposuction is an added bonus. After having liposuction, It might take a while until you're able to begin exercising again… around 3 months to see final results. So don't go buy new clothes right after the surgery. Let your body return to normal first. You should expect an itchy sensation while your tummy is healing. But your belly will be numb so it’s more like a phantom feeling.

I’m sure you're wondering if liposuction can get rid of cellulite. Unfortunately, the answer is no. My doctor warned me that it may actually get worse. This wasn’t the case for me, but I was lucky. So don’t choose liposuction if you are mostly interested in removing cellulite from your skin. 

Post-op, I realized how important it was to choose a great doctor. Mine was a specialist in liposuction, that had been doing this for 15 years. I recommend you ask your doctor the right questions, and if you're not satisfied with his answers, go find another one. You can even ask him for references of people that he performed the same surgery on. 

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise but you should anticipate quite a high level of pain, at least at the beginning. First night, on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was around a 7. Not as horrible as I expected but pretty bad. I felt a soreness when going from a resting to an upright position. It hurt pretty bad, but being able to move and not lose my breath was worth short period of pain. So yeah, definitely worth it. Even with the pain. Plus, you can take Percocet. It makes you forget about the pain right away.  

You should get by the best compression garments you can find after liposuction. I had some trouble with mine. There is one that has a zipper that ends near the belly button. That one is the worst. It causes a lot of pain. Don’t worry, there are some that won’t make your life difficult. I bought two, so I had an extra one to wear while I washed the other. You’ll need to wear the garments for an extended period, so make sure you research these garments prior to the surgery. You’ll get used to it fast, mostly because you need to wear it all the time in the first month, and then only at night for a little while. According to my doctor, the longer you're able to wear these garments, the better. Ask someone close to you, preferably your husband, to help you put on the compression garment after coming out of the shower. It might be a bit difficult if you try to do this alone. When you think about skipping one day of wearing it, just remember that it helps speed up the recovery time. 

The weird thing is that I gained a bit of weight after liposuction, but that was just because of the swelling. But you should be careful, don't assume having liposuction permanently gets rid of the fat you once had. You can still gain that fat back by overeating! Expect significant bruising too. It’s normal after such an invasive procedure. Nevertheless, your skin gets better, little by little, every day.

I know most things sound bad, but it’s been 14 months and I feel like a new person. I go for walks on a daily basis and I have much healthier habits. It was interesting to see how this simple thing gave me the strength and motivation to change some unhealthy aspects of my life. I thought I was too old to even consider plastic surgery and that I could live without it. So much time had passed, that I thought would get used to the issues I had with my belly. I’m glad I didn’t.

Remember though, more important than anything, is to have a healthy lifestyle, a clear mind, and be emotionally stable. Be thankful for what you have and never think you are too old for anything. 


F, 56, Massachusetts

Where did you get it done?

You had some amazing results! I've been contemplating getting liposuction but I'm a bit worried about having surgery. Reading stories like yours makes me want to get it done now!