Is Liposuction a very standard procedure? What are the risks?


F, 38, New York

Liposuction is a standard cosmetic procedure. Nearly 400,000 cases of liposuction were performed in 2016 in the United States.

The 3 most common risks of liposuction are: bleeding, infection and minor contour irregularities. Anytime a surgical procedure is performed on any part of the body, there’s always a risk of bleeding and infection. To avoid this, surgeons perform the procedures in sterile environments and provide their patients with antibiotics. Surgeons also try to control as much bleeding as possible during the procedure. Although these risks do not occur very frequently in the hands of a qualified surgeon, anytime a procedure is being performed these risks are still possibilities.

The most specific risk to liposuction patients is contour irregularities. In the hands of experienced professionals, these irregularities should be minimal or non-existent. Liposuction machines are very effective at removing fat and that's why a surgeon must be very careful while performing the procedure. A small amount of contour irregularity is to be expected due to swelling and fluid build up, however, a large amount of irregularities will require more liposuction and/or fat grafting. Fat grafting involves taking fat from one part of your body and using it to fill in the areas that have contour irregularities.