Liposuction of the thighs - insight please!

I recently lost a lot of weight and I am happy with the progress of my entire body, except for my thighs.  I hate them and I am very self-conscious. Lately I have been thinking about liposuction of my thighs but I wanted to hear other peoples experiences.  

Any info would be great!

I appreciate the help!




F, 49, California

Hey there, I personally feel that for reducing the lumpiness of the thigh one should go for natural and effective treatments rather than liposuction or any surgery. I was also having lumpy thighs and cellulite, then after my friend's suggestion I started doing massage with masseur cellulite all over the thighs and within a few days my cellulite were reduced. I also suggest you to go for natural treatments like massage and exercise for treating your thigh fat.

I'd be careful with liposuction. As much as it seems like a quick fix, I personally know several people who've had it done and were left with rippling or lumpiness of their skin (that looks similar to cellulite). 

If you don't mind me asking, how much weight did you lose? Do you have loose skin? Liposuction will help with small pockets of fat, but will not help tighten your skin.