How long does lower body lift pain last?

I had a lower body lift performed just over 5 weeks ago and the scar is causing some serious pinching. I have a relatively high pain tolerance so this hasn't been keeping me awake or anything but it does feel uncomfortable. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: should I be worried that my lower body lift scar is not healing properly or that it is infected? I don't want to rush off to the doctor if this is just a normal part of the process that will go away in a week.


F, 40, New York

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Good day! Thank you for your inquiry. Pain from a lower body lift is normal and easily treated with medication, with swelling persisting for at least 6 weeks. If you continue to experience problems beyond this, it is best to schedule a follow-up visit with your board-certified plastic surgeon who can identity your concerns and develop a detailed solution for a safe recovery period.