How much does microblading cost?

This seems like a procedure that many different types of businesses offer, from a plastic surgeon's office to some nail salons. I absolutely want a trusted microblading technician to do my procedure, so I was curious what price I should expect to pay?


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When I read about the positive benefits of microblading, the first thing that I wondered about was the cost. I was concerned about spending a lot of money for something that I could do myself. However, the average cost of $450 seemed well worth it for the professional results that I experienced after getting it done at the dermatologist's office. Plus I factored in how this semi permanent makeup would save me money on makeup products and it seemed even more worth it. I have to admit that I tried ordering the microblading tool so I could do the procedure by myself. The roller cost around $12. The results were not professional at all, and I certainly did not know what I was doing. It was so much more beneficial to have a professional technician do the procedure for me and give me new brows.

When I first caught wind of the microblading procedure, I had no idea what it actually entailed and how much I should expect to pay for it. I was really looking to touch-up some gaps in my brows and get a nice arch, and so I wanted to make sure that the place I ended up choosing was reputable and affordable. Prices for microblading can range from around $350 to $800, but I ended up finding a well-known and highly recommended organic salon (through instagram) right in my town that offered the procedure for $500. The cost included both the initial appointment, as well as the 1-month follow-up. It seems like a lot of money, but having perfect brows that I don't need to draw in with a pencil everyday is well worth the cost! I would just recommend doing some good research on a couple reputable places, salon or otherwise, before committing to anything.

Microblading is one of those things that vary wildly in price depending on where you have it done. Before getting the procedure, I had heard stories of people getting ""eyebrow tattoos"" for as low as 250 bucks. However, I had also seen that there were high-end dermatologists microblading eyebrows for anything between 450 and 700 dollars. This seemed like a lot, particularly considering that I had the possibility of ordering a microblading roller and doing everything myself.

Luckily, I decided to do some research online, going through reviews and testimonials before making up my mind. The first thing that went out the window after doing this was the idea of doing it myself. I realized that, in order to get a truly professional result, I needed to pay someone with experience. Finally, I decided to go for an averagely priced professional microblading service and ended up paying $430.

My eyebrows were thin and uneven from years of overplucking. Despite trying different eyebrow techniques and the newest makeup, I just couldn't get my eyebrows to look good on a consistent basis. So, I had a microblade procedure completed a year ago by a pro who had lots of experience and was able to show me before and after photos of previous clients. The price for microblading varies from person to person based on the number of strokes that are needed to perfect your brows. I paid 450 dollars, but from what I understand, it may cost anywhere from 350 to 800 dollars. I would avoid having it done in a nail salon because a low price doesn't usually equate to quality or experience. I would recommend that you choose a trained professional who has experience and a proven track record. Best of luck and hope you like your eyebrows as much as I do mine.z

When I had my eyebrows microbladed, I was charged $280. My friend had microblading done at a high-end salon in New York City and she paid $650. From what I’ve seen online, most people pay between $300-$450, but I’ve heard of some people being charged as much as $1000. Eyebrow microblading may seem pricey, but I think it is worth every penny. I finally have the beautiful, well-groomed, natural brows I've always wanted, and I couldn't be more pleased. One word of advice: Go to a legitimate microblading professional. Before I had my microblading procedure, I spoke with the microblading technician about her education and experience, and I viewed her portfolio. After all, you don’t want to entrust your eyebrows or your health to just anybody.

I hated the fact that there was a very noticeable section of my eyebrows missing. So, I decided to try a microblading session to get nice new eyebrows. My friend had the procedure done on her eyebrows, and the results were amazing. As much as I wanted to fix my eyebrows, I didn't want to spend a significant amount of money to do it.

The cost does vary depending on who performs the procedure. I found a reputable office with professionals who have experience with microblading. On average, the procedure can cost between $250 and $1000. I paid $500 for the procedure. The cost included the follow up appointment a month later. They recommend you go back for a yearly touch up which may cost me a few extra bucks.