Is it expected to have scabs after microblading?

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I just got microblading done; I know that my eyebrows should have some scabbing but it seems like mine are excessively scabbed up. I have been using Aquafor to speed up the healing. Do some people have more scabbing than others? I want to make sure I should not be worried.


F, 31, California

Scabbing is a normal part of the body's healing process, and so I wasn't too concerned when I noticed some flaky, light scabbing during the week following my microbladed brows procedure. I didn't apply any ointments, like Aquaphor, during that first week either, as my technician instructed me not to. Surprisingly, it is actually better to just leave the area be during the first week post-procedure, and it's especially important that you don't pick at any scabs or flakes that may develop in the treated area. If you are noticing heavy scabbing in the brow area with redness, this may not be normal and could be a sign that you are developing an impending infection. If this is the case, you could lose color in your brows, and so I would certainly get it looked at and treated as soon as possible!

After I had microblading of the eyebrows done, I had some minimal scabbing as part of the healing process. The scabs were not severe at all and went away quickly. The good news is, the scabbing became less and less each time I went for a touch up appointment and my skin got used to the process. The scabbing is so minimal that I don't think it should deter anyone from doing a microblading session. As long as you practice the right aftercare instructions, the scabs go away quickly and completely. I had to remember not to pick at them, and not to apply any products containing alcohol. At night, I applied a thin layer of vaseline to the scabs to protect them and help them heal. The benefits of microblading and getting perfect brows are definitely worth the minimal scabbing that I experienced.

Everybody heals differently. I had a lot of heavy scabbing and flaky skin when I had microblading done. I was told to avoid getting my eyebrows wet and keep the area as dry and clean as possible. You can continue using Aquaphor, as long as you allow your scabs naturally fall off (no peeling or picking at them). Scabbing is a normal part of the healing process. However, I would urge you to see your microblading technician or a doctor if your scabs are really excessive, or if your skin is too red, tender or oozing discharge (signs of an infection).

I've had the treatment done a few times to maintain the look that I want. Each time the process got more comfortable, probably because I knew what to expect and my skin got used to the process. Scabs are a natural part of the healing process, and it's critical not to pick at them. It took my eyebrows about two weeks to completely heal, so be patient with the healing process. You can always call your specialist to make sure that you're on track and aren't doing anything that you should avoid such as swimming and steaming.