Is microblading to the eyebrows permanent?

I have very thin eyebrows so a procedure such as microblading seems enticing to me. I usually use a lot of makeup to try and fill in my eyebrows and it is rather exhausting to worry about this every time I leave the house. Is microblading permanent? I am concerned that if I don't like how it comes out I will be stuck with it forever. Thanks.


F, 32, New Jersey

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When I decided to make a consultation appointment for microblading, the first thing I asked my dermatologist is whether the procedure was permanent. Because it's a somewhat expensive treatment, I knew I couldn't afford to have it re-done too often. However, at the same time, because I was nervous about disliking the results, I was kind of hoping that it wasn't permanent. What I found out is that microblading is semi-permanent, meaning that you need subtle retouching every once in a while in order to maintain it looking great. Of course, the retouching procedure is not as time-consuming or expensive as the original procedure. In the end, microblading was the best decision I could make. I used to spend a lot of time and money using cosmetics to fill in my eyebrows. Now, with a single touch-up session a year, I can have amazing looking eyebrows every day.

I've always had really thin eyebrows. I use to spend 10 minutes each morning penciling them in so they would look full and even. My friend suggested microblading. I found a technician, or as I joked ""eyebrow doctor,"" and scheduled an appointment. When the technician told me that microblading is semi-permanent, I was concerned. I didn't want to spend money on a procedure that only lasts for a couple of weeks.

I was reassured that after a touch-up appointment in a month. I wouldn't have to schedule another appointment for a year. When it came time for my one-year follow-up appointment, it didn't look like I needed to undergo the procedure again. The color in my eyebrows had barely faded. I guess a persons skin type can cause delayed fading.

For my whole life, I've suffered from weak eyebrow hair. Before I started getting microblading done, I literally couldn't leave the house without spending 10 to 20 minutes penciling them in just to feel comfortable. It really was exhausting! When my friend recommended me to her technician for this procedure, I was hesitant because I was unfamiliar with it, but I still went in for a free consultation. Sure enough, I was back in the office the next week and getting the procedure done. There was a follow-up/touch-up appointment 1 month later and the results are definitely long-lasting, but they do fade with time. Mine still look pretty good, but I'll be due for a touch-up in a few months once it hits the 1-year mark from my initial procedure. It's not permanent makeup, its only semi-permanent makeup and it will fade within a year.

I got tired of using makeup and perfecting my eyebrows all the time, so I know what you're saying. I tried powders, gels pencils and every new thing on the shelf until I finally decided to have the microblade treatment. I wanted a natural looking brow that wouldn't wash off, but I asked my experienced aesthetician, "What if I hate it?" So, he showed me a bunch of before and after photos from previous work that he had done, and he did a great job informing me and planning the procedure to match the look that I wanted. It is only semi-permanent, so you would need to have it maintained annually, and if you hate it, it will fade. But I love it and you probably will too. I still have to groom and maintain my eyebrows, but I no longer have to waste money and time buying and applying cosmetics that fill them and give them shape.

Microblading has saved me so much time and money. I used to spend a small fortune on cosmetics just to achieve full, arched brows. And I used to waste at least 10 minutes every morning contouring and filling in my brows with liner. Thank goodness those days are over! Since I had the microblading procedure, the only maintenance I’ve had to do is a microblading touch-up once a year. The good thing about cosmetic tattooing is that it is semi-permanent, so the brow ink will eventually fade if you don’t get your yearly touch-ups. My sister had her brows microbladed, and she didn’t like how dark her brows looked shortly after the procedure. But a few weeks later, her brows healed and the color faded into a soft, natural look. I absolutely love my microbladed eyebrows, and I think you would be happy with microbladed brows too.

My eyebrows are naturally thin, and to be honest, I felt as if they made me look older and more tired. I wanted natural brows that would frame my face and make me look youthful. After years of wasting money on every new product that came on the market, I was ready to give up. The makeup would rub off, it would smear, and it would run down my face in warmer weather. Plus, it was a hassle to apply in the morning, and I was worried about it looking natural and not painted on. Finally, a friend told me about microblading of the eyebrows. At this point, I was skeptical but willing to try anything. Then, I started to wonder if the results were permanent. Nothing could be worse than being stuck for life with something that looked absolutely awful. I discovered that microblading of the eyebrows is a cosmetic tattoo and it is only semi-permanent. This came as quite a relief. The results would fade over time, so it is important to get maintenance done every six months or so. I am very happy with the results. I actually wouldn't mind if this did last forever!

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