Is microblading a safe procedure?

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This seems like a new popular fad which means a lot of businesses are offering it. Is it a safe procedure to get done? Is there some sort of certification I should be asking to see when I go in for a consultation? My plan is to research some before and afters of technicians who have performed the procedure before making a decision if it is something I wanted, but I also want to ask the right questions during my consultation. Thanks.


F, 33, Nebraska

Before I try anything new, I am always diligent about doing my research and ensuring that I truly make the best choice possible. It was no different when I opted to have microblading done to improve the shape and fullness of my eyebrows. It's certainly no joke that there are a lot of scam artists out there and people who claim to have more experience/expertise than they really have, and so it is important to confirm that the artist you choose to perform your procedure is qualified to do so. While it is a relatively safe procedure, as only the upper layer (dermis) of skin is impacted, like anything, there are associated risks, with the biggest one being possible infection. Before I chose my artist, I verified that she had an advanced certificate, passed health and safety inspections, was using the best pigments available (LI, made in the USA), had a technique that appealed to me, and also had a lot of good reviews to boot. Take it from me, thorough research is a must for safe and desirable microblading results!

I've had microblading done three times now because I'm having it done once a year to maintain the look that I want. I am thrilled with the results I've accomplished because my eyebrows look natural and full. I get a lot of compliments. It's a safe process. I like it because it doesn't require any downtime, and my eyebrows are completely healed after two weeks. It's important to choose an experienced aesthetician or microblade technician who will show you pictures of their previous work. Best of luck to you. I hope you love the result as much as I do!

Microblading is very safe if you get it done by a trained microblading professional. Before I had my microblading procedure done, I went to the salon to meet with my prospective microblading technician. He showed many before and after photos of his previous clients, and I found out that he took a 100-hour microblading course and completes yearly continuing education classes. He had been working in the field for over four years and seemed very knowledgeable about microblading. I also looked around at his workstation, which was really clean and organized, so I felt very comfortable having him perform my procedure. For additional peace of mind, you can contact your state’s Department of Health to find out if the microblading business owner has a history of health or safety violations.

Microblading is a completely safe procedure to get done. At first, I was concerned that there may be permanent dark marks or scars on my eyebrow area due to the procedure. My specialist assured me that this would not happen, and she was absolutely correct. I am completely in love with my results, and I only wish that I had found this process sooner. With no downtime at all, there is certainly nothing to worry about. It is 100% safe, and well worth it!