What healing process should I expect after microblading?

How long will it take for me to fully heal from microblading? Should I expect my eye area to be swollen for a long time following the procedure? Let me know if there are any tips you suggest to have a speedy and healthy recovery.


F, 39, Utah

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It took me about seven weeks to heal after my microblading procedure. My eyebrows were a little tender and slightly red and puffy for a couple of days, but it was not uncomfortable. I applied a cold compress to my eyebrow area a few times to help reduce the swelling and tenderness. The most annoying part was when my brow area developed small scabs and started itching, which is totally normal and part of the healing process. I just had to fight the urge to scratch my eyebrows and pick the scabs off! I made sure to keep my brow area clean and dry, and eventually, the scabs fell off, and my brows looked lovely and natural.

I had microneedling done to reshape my eyebrows, and they look great! The healing process was pretty simple for me probably because I followed all the pre-care and aftercare instructions. The doctor gave me a list of things I need to stop or avoid two weeks before the treatment, including sunburn, tanning, Retinol, waxing, tweezing, Botox, taking vitamin A and E, fish oil and tinting my eyebrows. He also gave me instructions for aftercare, which is pretty basic. I washed my eyebrows with my fingertips gently with an antibiotic soap like Dial or Neutrogena, and I applied Aquaphor every morning and night. I also had to avoid swimming, steaming, sweating and some other activities while my eyebrows healed. I thrilled with the results, and them always getting compliments on my eyebrows.

When I first came across the microblading procedure in my quest for perfect brows, my first thought was, "There has to be some kind of downside to this. I bet the recovery is intense." Well, this couldn't have been further from the truth. I ended up getting the procedure done after reading some great reviews, and the recovery was pretty minimal. For the first week, I just had to keep the area dry and clean, avoiding lotions, makeup, water, excessive sweating, sun exposure etc. After that, I did start applying a little bit of natural grapeseed oil to help the microblading healing process, but I still avoided irritants like the sun, water, lotions etc. Maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and getting adequate rest all helped too, and I'd say I was fully recovered after about 4 weeks.

With all of the events that I have to attend, I was concerned about the healing process after getting microbladed brows. I definitely did not want to be scabbed, red, or bleeding and have people asking me what had happened. The first thing I asked my specialist was what the healing process was like. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was simple! I just had to make sure not to aggravate the area with harsh cleansers and aggressive rubbing. I used a mild soap and made sure not to pluck or tweeze any stray hairs for about a week. There was no redness or irritation, just a bit of dry skin, when I followed the instructions exactly. I made sure to keep the area well-hydrated with a gentle moisturizer. Baby lotion did the job very well!