Can microdermabrasion be used for scars?

I just watched a youtube video about a girls experience with microdermabrasion and it looked super simple. Can this procedure be used to treat scars on my face? I have a few scars from birth and then a couple acne scars from my puberty days. Any advice here would be much appreciated.


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Yes, microdermabrasion can be used to treat scars. I had acne scars when I was a teenager. I thought it was because of dirty pillowcases and my habit of scratching my face whenever I was studying. Searching for the ultimate facial treatment became my obsession back then, but I never found the right treatment. Facial soaps skinned my face and caused me to develop acne of the painful type. Facial creams gave me eyelid infection. In my panic, I started attempting to squeeze my acne away with my fingernails. It wasn't the best thing to do. I should've left my acne that way. Long story short, I grew up having horrid acne scars. They made me look so old. Then I heard about microdermabrasion being able to gradually remove acne scars, so I tried it out. It did lessen my scars, but I needed more sessions to completely remove it. Then I learned about All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream. It removed my acne scars. In the end, the removal of my acne scars was caused by both microdermabrasion and a cream.

It really depends on how deep the scars are. I started microdermabrasion treatments to try to clear up a prolonged episode of acne that developed out of nowhere. I had pretty severe acne as a teenage but hadn't had any problems for years. After a few sessions, my face looked much younger, and my acne cleared up. By about the sixth or seventh session, I noticed that some of my old acne scars had started to fade, and some even disappeared. This was a nice surprise, but there was not a huge difference to some of the deeper scars. Microdermabrasion also helped to minimize a raised scar that I had from childhood. My dermatologist thinks that, as I keep up with monthly treatments, these scars will continue to fade. Chemical peels and laser treatments are also an option for deep acne scarring.

I had a severe bout of acne a few years ago. While time did lighten them, the acne scarring is still noticeable. I decided to do something about the scarring. I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist to examine the marks. Because it was shallow, microdermabrasion was a suggested treatment. Microdermabrasion can remove scars that result from acne, accidents, or surgery. I was told that microdermabrasion would remove dead skin cells from my face and smooth and flatten my scars. I did see some improvement after my first treatment, but I already knew I would need several to completely remove my scars. After four treatments, I was happy to see that my scars were extremely faded and basically not noticeable.

Microdermabrasion is definitely great for your complexion and skin care regimen. If you have any lingering acne, you’ll definitely notice a big difference after a few treatments. For me, personally, microdermabrasion helps with scars. But I should say that my scars weren’t very deep, though. It also took five or six treatments before I started noticing a difference in skin texture, whereas I noticed an immediate impact on my acne. If you have really deep scars, you should think about consulting a dermatologist to help you figure out the best way to reduce them. Besides treating acne scars you can see a benefit to fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles which is an added bonus.

I had really bad acne when I was a kid, and it left me with acne scars, too. I started getting microdermabrasion treatments and I definitely saw a difference. It’s also a great treatment if you still have acne; my skin always looks super clear after a microdermabrasion session. And you’re right: a microdermabrasion is a super simple process. It’s not painful or anything and there’s no long period of healing afterward. After my treatments, I saw a little bit of redness on my face, but it didn’t last long at all.