Can microneedling help my acne scars?

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I had a very rough puberty filled with lots of acne. Unfortunately this acne caused me to have a bunch of acne scars on my face. Currently I use makeup to try and cover the scars but it would be great if there was some sort of treatment that could smooth out my skin. What kind of effect will microneedling have on my acne scars?


F, 33, California

As a teenager, I had horrible acne that left my skin scarred. I felt so unattractive and embarrassed until I discovered microneedling. After a few treatments of the tiny needles poking into my face, my acne scars began to fade. The needles puncture your skin and cause new collagen to be produced. This helped with the scar tissue that I had on my face from acne. After about two months, my skin was showing so much improvement. No one could believe how effective the treatment was. Now, I don't have to waste money on skin care programs that don't really fix the problem. Microneedling was the best thing I ever discovered. I am so happy with the results, and I don't have to cover up with makeup any longer.

I had terrible acne scarring on my face and it left me feeling very self-conscious. I really wanted to find a way to get rid of the scars, or at least lessen their appearance. I tried at home microneedling treatments with a dermaroller and found that it really helped reduce the appearance of my acne scars. I used the treatment for about two months, but then went in to the doctor's office for a professional treatment, as I wanted to have the scars removed completely. The deeper microneedles that were administered in the office upped my collagen production and helped reduce the visibility of my scars. After the in office treatment you will be quite red so don't be alarmed. Within two sessions I could already tell that my skin was getting better. I didn't need to use as much makeup to cover up the scars after just a few sessions. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see results. I am also considering trying a chemical peel because it is supposed to yield great results for reducing acne scars as well.

I purchased a microneedle machine for home because I had acne scars and rough skin on my cheeks and forehead. After I thoroughly washed my face, I slowly moved the micro roller over my face, cheeks and forehead for a few minutes. I did experience a prickling sensation. I then applied the post-roll serum and went to bed. In the morning my skin did look less angry, and the blemishes appeared to look softer. I’ve been using the microneedle for the treatment of my acne scars. Two months later, I can see that my skin has begun to repair itself, and the scars are less noticeable. A professional treatment is probably the way I should go next since I want the best results. But I’m thrilled with the changes that I’m already achieving with the 1 mm microneedle device at home.

I had terrible teenage years filled with memories of having bad skin and disasters that looking so freaky caused. Those experiences literally left scars. They were all over my face, chest, and back all throughout my early adult years. I looked like a witch! Whoever created the microneedle machine was a hero. Of course, at first, I was afraid of microneedling because I thought it would rip my face off my skull if I didn't do it properly. But many years of failed attempts at different acne scar treatments and all the positive things people say about microneedling made me dare to take the risk. Microneedling is actually simple and not as gruesome as I imagined. I just rolled it over my face and applied the serum afterward. I made it my nightly routine, and after 4 months, my acne scars were less visible. I recently switched to applying All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream, which is said to be the most effective and fastest acne scar treatment there is. My acne scars faded faster after I started using the cream. I have been applying it for only 2 weeks daily, but I can now go outside completely without makeup and not look like a witch. I no longer use my microneedle machine and serum and have replaced it with the APH cream. I think I can fully remove my scars with this.

Ah, the puberty years! If I had one wish, it would be to be able to forget that terrible period of time in my life. I too suffered from pretty serious acne, and I was subsequently left with severe scarring. Mine also extended onto my back and while I did have a great foundation for coverage, it often left my skin feeling oily. Plus, I was becoming susceptible to future breakouts. Luckily, I stumbled across the microneedling procedure, which I had only heard great things about for acne scar treatment. Not only was it cheaper than the other treatment options I was looking into, but I had also started to see noticeable results after just a few sessions. After about 4-6 sessions, each spaced 3-4 months apart, my skin was smoother in texture and I am proud to say that I now feel confident leaving the house without foundation caked on my face!

If you have lots of acne scars as you say, microneedling will offer you impressive results within a few sessions. A friend of mine used to have more scars than you have and today you can barely notice them after about four sessions with a professional.

When she first started with the treatment, she was worried that she will end up worse than she was. After two weeks, her skin had already started changing and she no longer needed to use a concealer. After the second session, which happened after a month, most of the scars were already disappearing and she started feeling confident with her skin. She did away with all the makeup kits she had. After the third session, her skin was already in its tip top shape and she felt like she was wearing a new skin. 

I recommend trying it for acne scars, I have a feeling you will be happy with the results.

The condition that best responds to microneedling is acne scarring. It is truly amazing how effective it is compared to other treatments. Unlike lasers or chemical peels that remove the top layer of the skin, microneedling stimulates collagen to cause the skin become thicker after each treatment - the only therapy that does this.