Does microneedling at home actually improve the skin?

What milometer microneedling should I use for an at home treatment? I know that when it is done in a medical office the treatment goes much deeper into the skin so I assume the deepest at home treatment would be best. Can microneedling at home actually improve the skin?


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At home microneedling is something that everyone needs to add to their skincare routine. I have used many skincare products that claim to get rid of deep wrinkles, fine lines, and even your skin tone. After using them I usually see nothing but less money in my bank account. It took about four months with the derma roller (I am patient) before I really saw a difference. I had to practice a little to get the technique just right. The first few times I did it, there was some bleeding from the needles. I bought the smallest needles available after this happened, and the results speak for themselves. My skin is smoother, clearer, and my scars have significantly faded. I made sure to be properly hydrated before each treatment that I did. Applying a soothing cream after I was done with the microneedling was extremely helpful. I did the treatments at night, and the next morning, I would notice a difference as soon as I looked in the mirror.

My at-home microneedling treatments have done wonders for my skin! I had some noticeable acne scarring on my face, as well as some fine lines, and a 1.0mm needle worked great to really minimize those areas. It depends on what kind of results you are looking for and what condition you are trying to treat, but the 1.0mm size is generally the largest you should go with for at-home use. I am not going to lie, dermarolling does hurt a little bit, but my complexion is really smooth now, and so the minimal discomfort was well worth it for the results received! My advice would be to go with the 1.0mm microneedling device for the most drastic at-home improvement. Also, be sure that you let your skin recover fully between treatments, which should be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks or so until you reach your desired results.

I was a little bit skeptical at first when I started doing at home microneedling treatments, and I was not sure what to expect. I can say that doing the treatments at home has helped my skin tremendously. My doctor told me that I should start with a smaller needle, so I purchased a 1mm needle and the results were fantastic. After just a few months I noticed that my skin was looking so much better than it was before the treatments. I highly suggest consulting with your doctor first so that they can help you figure out what size needle to start with based on your skin's needs. I also suggest that you follow the directions that come with your at home treatment, and do not use it more than directed as you could end up with worse skin than you started with.

It does, 100 percent. I have tried it and it has helped improve my skins appearance. At first I didn’t know the proper needle size to purchase or how to properly roll the machine on my face.  Sometimes it felt like I was applying too much pressure and I would start to bleed if I pressed too hard.

Its human nature to want fast results and I guess that is what affected me at first. After consulting my doctor, I was advised to buy 1mm micro-needle. The first few times using it I didn’t see much results but after using it for about a month, I started seeing gradual changes. It has been three months now and my scars are very faded. 

I suggest before you buy the equipment, you consult your doctor to ensure you have the right size for your skin. The doctor can also advise you on the frequency of treatments and the best after treatment cream for you. Happy treatment!

Microneedling at-home can improve your skin. It can be used to treat acne scars and wrinkles. It is crucial that you follow the schedule recommended on the at-home device. A single treatment ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 millimeters can be completed one time to achieve results. I did one treatment and waited two months before deciding I wanted even better results. I'm just turning 30, and I want to keep my skin tight and smooth for as long as possible. 

Multiple procedures with 0.25 mm microneedles can be completed every other day followed by two days of recovery during week one, and on week two, three and four the treatments could be completed every other day if your skin can tolerate the treatments. It's important to pay attention to your skin's response. Rushing the treatments could irritate your skin and set back the healing process that you're attempting to stimulate with the microneedles. 

You can expect more substantial results when you use a professional treatment, and a permanent reduction in scars and stretch marks are more likely to be experienced when a larger needle is used under professional care. I hope you enjoy your results as much as I am!