Why are there different size needles for microneedling?

When researching the microneedling procedure, I noticed that there were different needle lengths. What is the difference between the sizes and how do each benefit the skin?


F, 34, California

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Microneedles can be used to treat acne scars, bags under your eyes, sagging skin and more. Microneedling uses different sized needles that are used to treat different conditions. In my case, since I have sensitive skin, when I went in to get treated the doctor wanted to use smaller needles to make sure my skin could handle it. I noticed that even with the smaller needle, my skin looked better and had a glow to it due to the increase in collagen. The size of the needle will depend on what you want to get treated because some ares of your face or neck have thicker skin than other areas, which would require a larger needle. If you want to get scars removed I would definitely recommend a visit to the doctor rather than doing it yourself to ensure the very best results.