Are mid face lift different for males?

I don't know much about plastic surgery, other than what I hear about celebrieties who seem to live in a plastic surgeon's office. After some recent events (that I don't want to go into detail about), I've become interested in facelifts, but someone told me that I should look into mid-face lifts. They told me that a regular facelift wouldn't do much that much for me. I'll probably go see a doctor soon but I wanted to get some information on my own first.


M, 58, Virginia

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Before consulting with my cosmetic surgeon about my options for a plastic surgery I was really skeptical about the whole process. My wife noticed that facelifts for guys are more expensive and joked that it was about time men had to pay more to look good. During my first consultation with my surgeon she explained why. It turns out men’s faces are a lot harder to operate on because of facial hair, more blood flow, and thicker skin on a man’s head. She said with women she can make the incisions a little longer because women typically have more hair on their head to hide where the small incisions are. She also said a common side effect of facelifts is a receding hairline and for many guys like me, that can make or break their decision to go through with the surgery at all. Because of all of these reasons, the surgery is typically an hour longer than for women getting the same procedure done. I decided to get the facelift and my surgeon did a bang up job. My wife loves how young I look and I am really confident about how good I look.

A mid-face lift addresses the area in the middle of the face. Another option you might want to consider is the mini facelift which is even less invasive than the mid-face lift. I'm a dude and I am happy with the results of my mid-face lift. I wouldn't say that this specific procedure is different for males as far as I can tell. There isn't an active feminization of the features or anything. Perhaps a doctor could talk to you about any differences in skin elasticity between men and women? That's the one thing that I can think of. When I was figuring out the details of my procedure, I really wanted to address the excess skin on my face and the loose skin on my neck through a neck lift. I wasn't too concerned about the wrinkles around my eyes going into it, but post-procedure I was pleasantly surprised at how those were helped as well. Good luck.

I'd say that I'm not a typical facelift patient. I'm not a very self-absorbed person or one who focuses on looks so I'd never even considered getting cosmetic surgery until I saw how amazing my wife looked after her procedure. I had started to notice some sagging areas of my lower face and I figured, you only live once, so I looked into facial plastic surgery. While I wanted to get a mid facelift, I was concerned about how it would make me look. I had a couple of fears. I was concerned about looking too feminine or looking really weird after the procedure.

As it turns out, a mid facelift procedure is the same for both women and men. This procedure helped me correct the wrinkling and sagging around the corners of my mouth and eyelids. I didn't have a lot of wrinkling and sagging, but the procedure did help me look better. The results you will see depends on how much you wanted to correct. You will see an improvement in your look without looking less masculine and while keeping a natural appearance. I had this procedure performed about a year ago. The recovery time was longer than I expected, but I could not be happier with my results. I think you will feel the same way about your results.

Male facelifts can be a little more difficult because men have thicker skin and an increased blood supply in their facial tissues. A mid face lift focuses on the areas in between the nose, eyes, and ears. The procedure elevates the facial muscles to lift the sides of the face to create a younger look. Surgeons also have to be cautious of the beard line and focus on internal incisions which add to the surgery’s level of difficulty. Due to the complexity of the face lift, usually male patients pay more for these procedures because these surgeries are a little more time intensive. I would recommend picking a surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery for male clients.

I don't think that gender will really impact what facelift procedure that you pick too much. Whether you should get a mid or full facelift surgery will probably just depend on your current appearance and overall goals. Though most people assume that only women are getting plastic surgery, I saw a few other guys in my plastic surgeon's office while I was there. Most surgeons will take the time to discuss all your options with you, so you should be able to find the procedure that works for you. Personally, I found that a midface lift was better for what I wanted to change. It essentially involves positioning the cheek area to correct sagging, so it just made me look like I used to look when I was younger. A full facelift surgery is more useful for dealing with sagging and wrinkles along the jawline and neck.