Can a midface cheek lift drastically change how I look?

I hope people can still recognize me after I get a midface cheek lift. My procedure is scheduled in about 20 days, and I'm doing some last minute research.


F, 51, Massachusetts

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One of the things that had prevented me from undergoing a mid-face cheek lift was the fact that I didn't want to look unrecognizable afterwards. I knew that people sometimes have this issue, at least with traditional facelifts anyway. I wanted a more ""youthful appearance,"" (like to look like myself only younger), not have people questioning my identity. How I would look after the procedure is one of the things I discussed with my plastic surgeon.

I was told that I would not look different or unrecognizable following the procedure. However, I would look younger and refreshed (exactly my goals). A cheek lift just enhances how you look. It did not alter any my facial structures in a manner where no one would recognize me. My cheeks now look fuller and less saggy. There will be swelling during the recovery time, but its temporary. It may make you look a bit different, but the swelling usually subsides in about a week. Take it from someone who shared your concerns, I am happy with the results of my lift surgery.

Hey friend. Don't worry about any of that stuff. You are going to look amazing. Mid face lift surgery isn't going to change your genes or anything, but it is cosmetic surgery. A cheek lift is not like plastic surgery that remolds your features. It's just going to create a younger looking version of who you actually were before the weight of the world and gravity started to work against you. Don't worry about waking up and finding a new face in the mirror. Enjoy your time off, binge watch some Star Trek, and get ready to look like you looked 10 years ago. That's my unofficial medical advice! Your midface lift recovery will be over before you know it.

The results of my mid-face lift were definitely drastic, but it wasn't such a massive difference that people can't recognize me at all. I still look like myself, just more like a 10 year younger version of myself. Of course my coworkers and friends have commented on what a big change it is, but people who don't see me regularly haven't really commented on the change. I don't have jowls or hollow cheeks any more, but my basic facial features are still essentially the same. It might be different for you if you are planning on getting a bunch of fillers or something though. You can probably talk to your plastic surgeon about keeping everything looking natural if you're worried.

Midface cheek lifts do change your appearance. Ideally, the surgery will get rid of any puffiness, upper cheek hollows and nasal folds. Full facelifts are usually the ones that make people look unrecognizable because the skin is pulled too tight. I got a midface cheek lift and honestly I was really impressed with my results. Not only was it cheaper than a full facelift would have been, but it made me look refreshed. I only told my immediate family that I had gotten plastic surgery because I wanted to stay with them during my recovery period. Everyone else just thought that I had started eating healthier and getting more rest. For me, it took about 5 years off of my face, and erased all but the earliest signs of aging. It was the perfect solution to help me get rid of excess skin on my face.