How invasive is cheek lift plastic surgery?

Will there be any scars or damage to my face? Will these injuries be covered by my hair? How extensive is a cheek lift surgery?


F, 56, New York

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Cheek lifts are usually used to restore the natural shape of lower eyelids and the surgery corrects puffiness under the eye and smoothes nasal folds. The surgery itself takes about two hours and the recovery time is pretty minimal, you can probably return to work within two weeks. For cheek lift procedures, the incisions are made around the temples and above the hairline to hide any scarring. Depending on the plastic surgeon, they may choose to perform a laser skin treatment to restore elasticity for lasting results. All of the numbness and swelling will fade within 7-10 days after the surgery. If you don't want any scarring make sure to follow the doctor’s orders and wash your hair and head carefully. Also, make sure to keep your head elevated. There are also less invasive options for facelifts like laser resurfacing and acupuncture that treat sagging skin as well.

Any accredited and quality facial plastic surgery clinic these days will not be leaving the Frankenstein-esque scars that you speak of. Scarring is one of the biggest concerns of potential patients and doctors know that. They can reassure you on any of your concerns. I have had several lift procedures and I have friends who have also had them. In none of my cases has any scarring been noticeable to me or discouraged any of my friends from loving what they had done. It's really impressive! It does come from market demand though. We the customers don't want to pay to fix one blemish to create another. So standards for a pure and seamless finished product are high for reputable clinics. If you're really concerned, there is an endless array of gels and creams on the market that can help with scarring. Hope you find everything you need.

My plastic surgeon said that it technically counts as a "minimally invasive" surgery, but the severity of the procedure will probably depend on your current appearance and your desired results. Some people might have more small incisions than others, but they normally put them in places where you can't see them. In my case, I only needed sedation and local anesthesia. The incisions were done through the roof of my mouth and above my ear. During the surgery, all they did was reposition cheek tissue and add a little filler. Once recovery was complete, no one can really see my scars. I can still feel a little rough patch along the roof of my mouth, but it isn't visible. There's also a small scar above each of my ears, but you can't see them unless i push my hair back and fold my ear down.

Between my lifestyle (I love the sun) and the natural aging process (I'm in my late 30s), I started to have some sagging in my cheeks. While I wanted to correct the issue and look younger, I did not want to go through an invasive surgical procedure. My doctor and I discussed several options, including soft tissue fillers. We decided that a cheek lift would give me the results that I wanted. Now, I decided against fillers because I felt that they were a worse investment of time and money.

What I liked about this procedure is that it was performed in my doctor's office with minor sedation. The procedure involved placing minor incisions and sutures along my hairline to lift my jaws. There was a minimal amount of pain. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, the minor swelling and redness went away rather quickly. Most of my swelling was going within five days. I was able to enjoy regular activities in a little over a week.