I heard that cheek lift recovery is easy. Is that true?

My doctor pointed out that my cheeks have gotten flat. She tried to convince me that I need a mid-face lift procedure and said that the recovery is much easier than for a full facelift. She told me that my recovery would only take a week. Will I need to stay in bed for more than a day? I'm a very active person, and I really don't like sitting around all day. What else should I know about cheek lifts?


F, 55, New York

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I'm not sure that I'd really classify it as easy, but it's probably less difficult than recovery from a full facelift surgery. After my mid-face lift, my doctor gave me painkillers to managed the pain, but they also made it difficult to really do anything else. I spent a couple days in bed just resting and healing. In the week after surgery, there was occasional sharp twinges of pain when I was chewing, and I still felt groggy and out of it for a while. I probably could've gone back to work after about a week, but I decided to take two weeks off just to rest and give the swelling and bruising time to go away. All in all, the recovery time was a bit longer than I expected, but I look great so I have no regrets. If you want something that requires less recovery, you might want to look into cheek fillers. My cheeks were too hollow to just need injectable fillers, but it might work for your situation!

As I got older, I started to notice that my cheeks were looking flat and hollow. My friend had a similar issue around a year ago and she had a cheek lift. Her results were amazing so I decided that a cheek lift might be right for me. Now, I've never had a cosmetic procedure done and I was worried about the pain and recovery time. I'm also fairly active, so having to stay in bed for a while is something I wasn't thrilled to do.

When I spoke to a plastic surgeon, he told me that most patients only experience a mild amount of discomfort after the procedure. The lift procedure wasn't bad at all, and recovery was easier than I expected. I didn't experience any side effect that were out of the ordinary, and I can honestly say that I used an ice pack for only two days to help with the swelling. By day five, my swelling had completely gone away. I did take a week off of work and during that time my activities were limited, which was pretty boring. However, it wasn't that much of an imposition because I was back to normal by day eight. At no point during my recovery time did I experience a significant amount of pain. Over-the-counter pain medication helped me during the times I was uncomfortable. The surgery results are fantastic, even my plastic surgeon was impressed at my follow-up appointment. This was my first plastic surgery experience, and honestly I might look into more cosmetic procedures.

Yeah, you're doctor's right that a cheek lift procedure is reasonably non-invasive and I would say that the recovery time is about a week. However, do you really want to be pressured into something as big as cosmetic surgery? You don't "need" to have a facelift procedure or any other surgical procedure that you don't want and your doctor might just be telling you that stuff to line his pockets. You could try face yoga or other more holistic forms of maintenance. That way you won't have to be in bed for any number of days based on a procedure you don't think that you need. You could also consider Botox injections if you decide that you are concerned about the problem areas your doctor is indicating. I've have had good results with Botox. I would recommend it to anyone over invasive cosmetic surgery. Have a great one!

After a cheek lift surgery, you should be able to recover and return to work within twelve to fourteen days. However, you will not see full results until four weeks post-op. I found that the procedure gave me really natural looking results, and a cheek lift surgery is a lot easier to recover from than most facelift techniques done under general anesthesia. My plastic surgeon shared a few tips to speed up my recovery time. He said not use any ice to treat the swelling because it would lead to bruising and the damaging of repositioned facial skin. Keeping your head elevated will make the swelling and numbness in your face go down quicker. Also make sure to brush your teeth twice a day so that the sutures in your mouth will dissolve.