Is an endoscopic midface lift cheaper?

Does the endoscopic midface lift cost less than a traditional facelift?


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Endoscopic mid-face lifts can be about a thousand dollars more expensive than a traditional lift. My doctor explained to me that an endoscopic lift is a relatively new technique. There are plenty of other reasons why endoscopic lifts are more expensive, but it really all depends on the plastic surgeon that you choose. Many people pick a surgeon based off of a recommendation or they look up the most qualified board-certified plastic surgeon in their area. Yes, those are ways to find a good plastic surgeon. When you decide that you really want to have plastic surgery you need to find the sweet spot of the highest quality doctor you can get, but without going outside of your price range. It's also really important to look at the before and after pictures of your doctor’s past clients and to read the reviews of their prior patients.

Yes, from what I understand endoscopic mid-face lifts have been touted as the cheaper and less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts. From what I know, endoscopic facelifts are more focused on the mid-face. The required incisions are smaller, and so there is less of a chance for scarring. It's been called "a minimally invasive procedure." Some other things to consider are that endoscopic mid-face lifts correct moderate imperfections. I had a lot more to address than "moderate imperfections" and was told that I was not the best candidate for endoscopic treatment. The cost can vary depending on what area you live in, and ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. My traditional facelift cost about $15000.

As a woman in her mid-forties, I started to show signs of aging and sagging skin around my face. I had been looking into cosmetic surgery for years, and was really interested in an endoscopic facelift because I heard that it's not very invasive. I wouldn't have to have as many incisions made with this procedure as I would with a regular facelift. As far as cost, I didn't really see that much of a cost difference between an endoscopic mid facelift and a traditional facelift surgery. Both procedures are going to be expensive.

When compared to a traditional facelift, an endoscopic mid facelift is less expensive. Now, the cost will depend on your location and your plastic surgeon. My facelift was around $7,000. I think that a traditional facelift would have cost me around $7,200. So, the prices are quite similar for the two procedures. I've read that some surgeons charge around $10,000. I highly recommend this procedure. The scaring is minimal and my recovery time was fairly quick. This procedure is ideal if you only want smaller incisions and more accurate results.

On average, full facelift procedures tend to cost more than endoscopic procedures. The numbers don’t lie, on average full facelifts cost between $6,000 and $15,000. An endoscopic mid-face lift costs between $6,000 and $10,000. There are quite a few factors that impact the cost of a facelift. For example, just like the motto of real estate agents, cost can be determined by location, location, location! A facelift in Los Angeles will cost more than one done in the Midwest. Another factor that affects price is the plastic surgeon that you choose. Prescriptions and anesthesia can also make your overall procedure and recovery more expensive. Be realistic with your preferences and whether full or local anesthesia will be better for you. Also, talk to your physician about if there are generic drugs that will help you post surgery.

As I approached 45, I decided that I wanted to a facelift to manage my sagging facial skin. There are a variety of facelift options available, and I looked into mini facelifts, endoscopic facelifts, and thread lifts. I decided to schedule a facelift procedure to correct my sunken cheeks and the laxity issues I was having around the middle of my face. At my initial consultation, my surgeon and I discussed my options. As it turns out, I was a candidate for an endoscopic facelift. There are several benefits of having an endoscopic facelift. It has a quicker recovery time and it only involved small incisions.

The biggest benefits of an endoscopic facelift is the cost. A traditional facelift could have cost me around $15,000. Of course, cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, so I would have had to pay that out of pocket. My endoscopic facelift only cost me $7,000. The cost of facial plastic surgery really varies by location and surgeon. However, in most places an endoscopic facelift will be less expensive.

When I was discussing my options for facelifts with my plastic surgeon, she showed me a cost comparison for all the facelift options in my price range. The endoscopic face lift, which ended up being the option I selected, was about $6,000. This meant that it was just slightly more than other types of mini face lifts. It was also way cheaper than a traditional face lift, which could've been as much as $15,000! Of course costs may vary a bit depending on how much work you need done. I'm in my 40s with just some light sagging, so the cost of mine was a bit less than someone who needs an extensive lift. All I had done during my endoscopic face lift was some lifting to keep my cheeks from looking saggy.