Which is better: a mini lift or a mid-face lift?

I don't have a lot of excess skin around my jaw line so I thought that I'd go for something that would require doing less damage to my face. I just found out about mid-face lifts and I'm not sure what the difference between them and a mini facelift is. Can someone shed some light on this for me?


M, 57, New York

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I really didn't like the fact that areas of my face were beginning to sag. I heard a lot about different kinds of facial plastic surgery, but couldn't decide which one I wanted. As it turns out the two procedures that really stuck out to me were also midface lifts and mini facelifts just like you. I spoke with a plastic surgeon and found out that both are equally effective. The major difference between the two is the part of the face they correct.

At my initial consultation, my plastic surgeon decided that I should have a mini facelift. My skin laxity issues were along my lower face jaw line. This is the area of that can be corrected with a mini facelift. A midface lift treats the area of your face around the cheeks and the folds between the corners of the mouth and nose. At your consultation, you should express what you see as your problem areas. Your plastic surgeon will help you to decide which procedure will work best for your situation. Again, both procedures are effective. It's really a matter of what you are trying to correct. I had a mini facelift and love my results. Make sure that, when you schedule a consultation, it's with an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon. A good doc can save you from having problems later on.

It really depends on your desired results. Mini facelifts are a little less extensive and mainly focuses on the tightening of the bags underneath eyelids. The incisions are made near the hairline and the temple of your head. A mini facelift reverses early signs of aging (which can take years off of your face) but does not get rid of any wrinkles. A mid facelift is like the mini facelift in that the recovery time is a week long, as opposed to a full facelift procedure where recovery takes weeks. Mid face lifts tighten the skin on the cheeks and lower lids by elevating the fat pads on the cheeks. Both of these options are typically recommended to candidates who are younger, or do not have significant cheek hollows. A mid face lift addresses the sides of your face, while the mini face lift only works on the bags under your eyes.

Both are procedures that are good for patients who are younger and are not yet in need of a full facelift. If I were to rank them by how much they enhance and revitalize the patient, the mini-lift is less invasive and addresses milder issues than the mid-face lift. It's a matter of asking yourself the question of, how far do I want to go? How much can I personally achieve with the least invasive procedure? Perhaps the procedure with fewer incisions will get everything done that you want done. Perhaps you would like more than that. I personally went with a mini-lift. My attitude was more along the lines of "damage control." I don't have significant issues. I'm happy with the way I look now, but fear what could happen as I age. I don't think I look older than my age, but I had the chance to "preserve what I already have," so I jumped on it.

I started to notice that my jowls sagged and that I had a little bit of excess skin around my lower face. I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. So, at 47, I decided that I wanted a facial rejuvenation procedure. At my initial consultation, I asked about getting a mini or mid-facelift. Apparently, these treatments are both effective, it's really a matter of what part of the face I wanted treated. A mid-facelift treats the lower eyes and cheeks. Because that wasn't my main issue, we decided to go with a mini-lift.

The mini-lift was able to correct my sagging jowls and the lower face. I love the results of this procedure. What made the process ideal was the fact that I got to go home the same day. The recovery time was really short. I was able to resume my normal activities within a few days of the procedure. The results left me looking natural, younger, and rejuvenated.

Like you, my main problem was just that my cheeks were beginning to sag a bit towards my jaws. I looked into both mini lifts and mid facelifts when i was first trying to figure out what I wanted to do. They are both small procedures that requires less recovery time and cost than a full facelift. I ended up going with a mini facelift because it was less invasive and focused more on the areas I wanted to fix. In a mid-face lift, there's still quite a few incisions, and it mostly focuses on contouring the cheeks through traditional face lift techniques. Mini facelifts use smaller incisions and injections, and they can target the lower face a little better. For my mini facelift, they didn't even need to use general anesthesia, since it just involved some slight neck muscle adjustments and liposuction.

The difference between the two surgeries is the types of incisions that are made and of course the results that you get. Before deciding on which type of face lift surgery I wanted, I did my research and decided to do a mini facelift and here is why. Mid facelifts mainly tighten the sides of your face, so that your cheeks sag a little less. It also helps people who have smaller bags under their eyes. I chose a mini face lift because the small incisions are hidden behind my hairline, and are not as noticeable. It also helped me to get rid of the bags under my eyes and make my skin more smooth and supple. It really brought back a youthful appearance to my face, my husband calls me his sugar baby. My mini facelift also got rid of the wrinkle that was starting to form around my lips. I am so glad I got cosmetic surgery, and I really don't think I would be as satisfied with my results if I had gotten a mid facelift or a standard facelift instead.