Will cheek fillers lift my jowls?

I really want to avoid getting surgery, and my only alternative seems to be fillers. I'm not sure if they can deliver the same results as a mid-face lift. My jowls are quite pronounced for my age (I'm only 42). What do you think?


M, 45, New York

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You should look into the liquid filler called Juvederm. You mentioned jowls, and I can completely relate. Honestly, I feel like I had the beginnings of jowls when I was in my 20's. I struggled with my weight and stress in general. I was really self-conscious of my saggy face. When I started to have the means to devote to improving my appearance and confidence, I started looking into liquid fillers because I am terrified of surgery! I've had some loved ones really suffer under the likes of anesthesia and with addiction to the pain medications that are prescribed. I had lived with my "jowl face" for so long that I was convinced that my problem was HUGE and would require some dramatic intervention, but I was fortunate to find a doctor in my area that was really wonderful. She assured me that I had a light to moderate case that could be dealt with non-surgically. I've gone back to her for maintenance procedures and I continue to be really happy with the results of my liquid lift! I didn't really have any problems with the recovery. Some redness, some swelling, the usual. I found that I was so excited about the new shape of my face that none of that even bothered me! Good luck with whatever you choose!

I'm 42 and I hated my jowls. They made me look much older than I wanted to look. However, I really didn't want to undergo any type of surgical procedure. During my initial consultation, I discussed this issue with my plastic surgeon. Before I met with a doctor, I had wanted to get Botox but she suggested some alternatives. She said that since my jowls were not that pronounced that a soft tissue filler could be used to lift my jowls. Now, my doctor was completely honest. She did say that the filler will produce a minimal effect. Adding volume to my upper cheeks will help to lift the jowls slightly.

My doctor decided to use Juvederm. My jowls did lift and looked less prominent with the filler. However, I can say that I would have gotten better results had I opted to do something surgical. But, I knew what was possible with a filler, so I was not disappointed in my results. I will say that if you want something that's more effective with longer-lasting results, you may want to explore a surgical solution.

Getting fillers in my cheeks definitely seems to have helped with my jowl area. Before the fillers, they were much lower, and my cheeks looked sort of hollow. Afterwards, my jawline looks a little firmer. I'd guess that it worked because the procure is designed to add volume, which has had a lifting effect on my cheeks. Of course surgical procedures would be more effective, but personally, I didn't want to bother with something so invasive. The actual process was fairly quick and didn't require general anesthesia. Once the swelling went down, my cheek and jawline looked much firmer and fuller. There's still some sagging, but it's not as pronounced. I might get an actual facelift when I'm a bit older, but right now, I'm pleased with the effect I get just from dermal fillers.

Cheek fillers are a lot less expensive than a mid-face lift. The liquid fillers usually require multiple treatments after a few months. There are also a few different injectable fillers to choose from like perlane, radiesse, or juvederm voluma. Cheek fillers are popular for people who want to restore the plumpness in their face. Typically, it is not a solution for those looking for skin tightening around their lips. Cheek fillers are used to get rid of sagging or hollowed skin on the fat pads in your cheek so it does not lift jowls. The liquid fillers get rid of hollowed areas making skin more smooth and making your jowls a little less pronounced.