Would a cheek lift surgery bring back fullness to my cheeks?

My face has fallen over the years and want to restore a "full" and healthy look to my face. I'd really like to know what other people think of this procedure. How happy are you with your cheek lift results? Do you still look natural? I don't want to look like a puppet post-op!


F, 55, New York

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The cheek lift can help with under-eye puffiness, large nasal folds and indentations of the upper cheek. It might be what you are looking for. Your post mentioned a more general desire to breathe some vigor and life back into your face. I had considered the cheek lift myself, but I went the non-surgical route because general anesthesia is hardcore and if I can achieve results without getting knocked out on an operating table I will! So I opted for a liquid facelift, which involved some injections of Restylane. I've also heard positive things about Juvederm. There are other liquid injectibles on the market that your doctor can tell you more about.

Anyway, I'm glad that the aftercare involved mostly caring for the redness and swelling. I found myself a little bit fatigued, but it wasn't nearly the same kind of bed rest that would have been required had I been put under and had there been incisions made. Plus, there's no risk of scarring with liquid injections as there can be with incisions. Sometimes I get scared of scarring. My friends though, swear that technology has advanced to the point where scarring is no longer the big scary risk that it used to be. Anyway best of luck with whatever choice you choose.

I started to notice that my cheeks were looking flat and dropping when I approached my 50th birthday. I don't have a problem with aging, I just want to look great while doing it. I figured that a cheek lift would help me regain the fullness of my cheeks. I didn't know very much about plastic surgery, and originally thought that a traditional facelift would help with fullness, but my surgeon said otherwise. I didn't really understand the procedure, so my surgeon took the time to explain full facelifts to me. He explained that he would lift the fat pad in my checks. Doing this would shift the fat, giving me a more youthful and refreshed face.

What I loved about this procedure is the fact is that it's somewhat permanent. My doctor told me that the results of a cheek lift can last up to ten years. Injectable fillers don't last anywhere near that long. In fact, I would probably have to have the fillers redone in about two years. I had my cheek lift nearly three years ago and I still look great.

I love the results of my mid-face lift so much! Over the years, my cheeks had sort of fallen and sunken a little, and my jowls were looking kind of droopy. Once I hit 40, I decided that I'd had enough, so I set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon. At first, I was looking to get a traditional facelift, but after a lot of discussion I ended up going with a mid-face lift procedure. What convinced me was that it only involved minimal incisions to reposition cheek tissue and some fillers to give my face look a natural fullness. In the first few weeks after the surgery, I was worried that I'd made a big mistake because I looked like a chipmunk. Once the swelling went down though, I was really pleased with the outcome. Instead of looking like an unnatural doll, I just have a more youthful appearance.

Cheek lift surgeries work to correct under eye puffiness for people whose cheeks sag. In essence cheek lifts pull the skin to make it tighter. One of my colleagues had a cheek lift surgery and it really only tightened the area directly under her lower eyelids. If you are aiming to bring fullness back to your face, I would suggest cheek fillers. They are way less expensive than a cheek lift surgery, and they are usually injected directly into the fat pads in your cheeks. This will restore fullness to your face. There are different types of fillers available, I would suggest Radiesse because it is made of more natural ingredients and lasts longer. Eventually the substance will also promote your own natural collagen growth in your cheeks.