Can I have a mini facelift if I'm only 30 years old?

Most before and after images show amazing results for this procedure. I wonder if a mini facelift would ever be recommended to someone who's 30 years old, like me. What do you think?


F, 32, New York

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I understand how you feel. I had the facelift completed when I was 32 years old. I wanted to have it done even sooner, but I kept putting it off till later. Slowing the aging process when you're young will keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. I highly recommend the mini facelift. My doctor said that although I am young I was a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure and that it would yield a younger, natural look. If you see a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation, you can get recommendations based on your skin type, needs, and desires. Having a mini facelift in your early 30s is proactive and can keep you looking great!

I had a mini facelift when I was 32. It's actually becoming more common for women in their 30's to have mini facelifts. I didn't have my facelift out of vanity, I truly started to see wrinkles and sagging skin. I looked ten years older and I didn't like it. Having a facelift is more an issue of correcting sagging skin and restoring a person's youth. There are advantages to having a facelift in your 30s. The healing process is quicker when you are a younger woman. Also, the mini facelift allowed me to correct my issues before they got worse. Fillers would have been an even less invasive approach but the results aren't permanent. The results of my mini facelift were great, I'm happy that I decided to do it.

Thirty is not old. However, I've noticed that the skin around my cheeks was beginning to sag. I considered other facial rejuvenation options like botox, but I heard that they are not permanent and would not give me the look I desired. At my initial consultation, my plastic surgeon told me that it's really not a matter of age. It's a matter of aging. Anyone who displays signs of aging can undergo this procedure. My doctor did say that I could correct my sagging skin with a mini facelift. We then discussed the reasonable outcome that could be expected from plastic surgery. My doctor did say that it is rare for people to have a facelift at 30. However, he noticed that my skin was showing signs of aging that made me look much older than I am. I would advise anyone to have a consultation and discuss your concerns. There are alternative non-invasive cosmetic procedures to a facelift, but those alternatives may not work for everyone.

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