Can I have a mini facelift if I'm only 30 years old?

Most before and after images show amazing results for this procedure. I wonder if a mini facelift would ever be recommended to someone who's 30 years old, like me. What do you think?


F, 32, New York

Tags:woman age 25-34

General anaesthesia can do a lot more then shorten by five years. We should pressure all surgeons to stop using general anaethesia unless absolutely necessary. Especially if you are skinny or a child the overdose complications of the muscle relaxants etc. Prayer and strong willpower might indeed help a person recover from a near death experience.

I understand how you feel. I had the facelift completed when I was 32 years old. I wanted to have it done even sooner, but I kept putting it off till later. Slowing the aging process when you're young will keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. I highly recommend the mini facelift. My doctor said that although I am young I was a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure and that it would yield a younger, natural look. If you see a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation, you can get recommendations based on your skin type, needs, and desires. Having a mini facelift in your early 30s is proactive and can keep you looking great!