Does a Mini Facelift involve a Necklift as well?

I saw a woman who's double chin completely disappeared after having a full facelift, and her entire appearance changed completely. I have this problem as well, and my jowls started to sag a bit. Is the necklift part of the facelift? What about of a mini facelift? I'm asking because if they're two separate procedures, it will cost me a lot more money, and I'm not sure I afford both right now.


F, 52, New York

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I had a mini facelift done because my jawline and lower face were sagging, and I had a double chin. The mini facelift treated the lower portion of my face in minor surgery. I was able to get dramatic results without the extreme downtime that is required for a full facelift or a neck lift. A traditional facelift does not include treatment of the neck. The best way to find out if a mini facelift is right for you is to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation. I'm thrilled with the improvements that I achieved with the mini facelift. It removed my saggy jowls and the excess fat along my jawline.

I'm 47 and have started to show the signs of aging. The skin on my jaws was sagging and I had wrinkles. I also had a turkey neck. I wanted to have a mini facelift to correct these issues. My doctor told me that a mini lift wouldn't have that much of an effect on my neck. It would correct the issues affecting my lower face. If there was any change in my neck it would be minimal. He did say that I could have a neck lift procedure at the same time. I had mini facelift surgery and a neck lift and I love the way I look.

I didn't like the way I looked. I had a double chin and jowls. I'm an older woman, but I didn't want to wear my age. I scheduled an initial consultation with my facial plastic surgeon and told her about my desires. I was told that a mini facelift alone would not correct any issues with my neck. The mini facelift would correct the issues I have with my lower face. This procedure does not directly address any turkey neck issues. I would see some change in the way my neck looked, but those changes would be temporary. My doctor did suggest that I add a neck lift to the procedure. The neck lift would eliminate my double chin.

Your situation sounds a lot like mine before I had my facelift. You probably will not actually need a neck lift. Since the skin is all connected, as they lift the face, the excess skin in the neck and jowls see a lot of improvement, too. My doctor said that neck lifts are used mostly for patients with a lot of thick, extra skin in the neck area. Most normal neck sagging can be corrected simply by lifting the face. Depending on how much sagging you have, a mini facelift might also work. My doctor mostly uses those for mild cases and to freshen up previous facelift procedures. At your plastic surgery initial consultation, they will ask you what areas you most want corrected and will give you options. If you tell them you only want to have the one procedure, I'm sure they can work with you and make it happen. But there are a bunch of treatment options for facial rejuvenation.