How happy are people with their mini facelift results?

I've never had any cosmetic procedures because I was against it my entire life. I had many preconceptions and thought everyone having plastic surgery would end up looking very fake. Lately, I met a few people who had cosmetic surgery done, and I didn't even notice before they told me. This made me reconsider everything, and I even thought about looking into a procedure myself. That's why I'm writing this thread, I want to know if people who have had a mini facelift would recommend this surgery? I appreciate your input!


F, 53, Virginia

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I had a mini facelift done, and I'm one of those people that you're describing with natural looking results. The treatment gave me a complete facial rejuvenation by lifting my jowls and reducing the appearance of wrinkles around my lower face. I look years younger, which was my goal. It's important to choose an experienced surgeon who will take their time and use their expertise to conceal the incisions. My incisions are hidden in discrete areas, and I'm thrilled with the results!

Ask your doctor to show you before and after photos from previous patients. You may even be able to get financing options and make payments on the procedure. That's what I chose to do, and I couldn't be happier making the monthly payments because it made the treatment affordable for me. I feel better about myself, and I highly recommend the mini facelift to friends who ask me what I do to stay looking so young.

It's been 2 months since my mini facelift, and I am very pleased with the results. This lift focuses on the lower face, which is where I had the most sagging. I had jowls instead of jaws, and the turkey neck was becoming more prominent by the day. Now I don't hide from the mirror or fear venturing outside without makeup or topical skin tightening potions, which I spend thousands on before the surgery. I went back to work within a week of having the facelift surgery with just a little bit of swelling. So, unless you have severe problems with upper part of your face, the mini lift is an excellent way to get your confidence back.

Many people fear the mini facelift procedure because what could go wrong sticks out in their minds rather than the vast majority of successful cases. I strongly recommend doing research to weigh the positive outcomes against the negative ones.

There were two issues that made me hesitate to get my mini facelift. My first concern was about the cosmetic procedure itself. The second concern was about my level of satisfaction. I didn't want to undergo a procedure that left me unhappy with the results immediately after the facelift or at some point in the future. My facial plastic surgeon showed some of the before and after photos of prior patients. The results looked amazing. I also read a lot of reviews about mini facelifts. The vast majority of patients were women. Some people even commented that their facelift results still looked great years after it. Knowing this information made me feel confident about the process. Honestly, I'm glad I had my mini lift. I still look refreshed and youthful three years after my mini facelift.

I had looked into this extensively because my 35-year-old daughter recently had a mini facelift procedure. i was a little skeptical in the beginning, but it turned out to be a great idea for her. First of all, some people just naturally have extra or loose skin along the jawline, so a mini lift definitely might be appropriate at age 30. Secondly, the younger you are, the healthier and more elastic your skin is. Some doctors think that having the procedure young will actually help your face during the aging process and keep you looking young for a longer period of time. Plus, younger people have an easier and faster recovery time. If the symptoms in your face are there, I wouldn't worry too much about whether you are too young. My daughter looks great and her confidence has soared after her facelift.

I know how you feel. Contrary to all the facts, a small part of me always felt like plastic surgery was somehow wrong. Even though I had never shown any real interest in it, I got talked into the procedure by my kids as a Mother's Day present one year. I had some excess skin in my neck and just looked worn out all the time. I am very glad I decided to go along with it. I really do feel much more comfortable in my own skin now. I think you just have to look at the facts. There are no significant risks associated with the procedure, and the end result will be beneficial for you, physically and mentally. Just be aware, though, it is not as much of a "weekend" procedure as they would like you to think. There will be at least a couple weeks of downtime. Your face will have bruising and you do experience some pain post procedure, but you are given pain medication.