How much does a Quick Lift mini facelift cost?

I've read a few doctor opinions about the Quick Lift procedure, and the "better and safer" argument almost convinced me. Now I'm curious how much it cost other people, because I found varying prices on different websites. Could someone please provide me with some pricing information? Thank you!


F, 53, Virginia

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I had a Quick Lift, and I highly recommend it to everyone who asks me about it. The price may vary slightly depending on the experience of your doctor, the length of surgery and even the kind of anesthesia that is used. My lift cost me around $9000. I was given the option to finance the cosmetic surgery so I make monthly payments. I couldn't be happier to look in the mirror every day and see the improvements. The wrinkles and sagging skin are rejuvenated, and my chin is defined. I did ask around to see if the price I was paying was appropriate, and the rates ranged from $8,000 to $10,000, depending on the amount of work that needed to have done. My surgeon was able to show me a lot of before and after photos from other patients and I really felt confident with his work. I am thrilled with the affordable payments and the significant improvements!

I paid approximately $6000 for my Quick Lift as opposed to $8000 or more for a traditional lift. The Quick Lift is definitely less expensive for obvious reasons. It lifts only the bottom part of the face, which is where many candidates have the most problems anyway.

When I met with a plastic surgeon 5 months ago, I wanted to have a complete facelift, which involves a lot of cutting from the hairline area to the bottom of the ear. But since my problem areas were the neck, below the eyes and cheeks, I went with the QuickLift. The change was dramatic, and I am quite pleased with my youthful appearance. My recovery time was about a week compared to 2 to 3 weeks for regular facelift surgery.

Also take into account that I'm in the Southeast. I've heard it can get pricey on the West coast.

I am looking to do the same.  A mini lift on the bottom portion of my face only.  Would you mind where in Florida you had your surgery?  

Thanks so much! TRJ

Many health insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. So, one of the things I looked into when I was researching facelift procedures was cost. The costs ranged from $4,300 to $14,000. Of course, the overall costs depended on the skill level of my surgeon and my location. My QuickLift facelift cost about $5,000. The price of the procedure was affected by whether I required sedation and the complexity of the surgery. I used local anesthesia, so that was one of the reasons my costs weren't as high. Again, the cost was something I considered. However, I still made it a point to make sure that I went to a reputable, cosmetic surgeon perform my procedure.

I wanted to undergo a facial rejuvenation procedure that didn't involve a lot because I am kind of a baby and scared of being in a lot of pain. I told my doctor what I was looking for and she suggested a quick lift. The procedure was appealing because it would give me the results I want and the procedure doesn't take that long. Another benefit of quick lift is that it's less expensive than a traditional facelift. Not to say that it is cheap because it's not. My facelift cost me $4,000. However, the cost, on average, is between $4,000 and $6,000. Had I added an additional procedure, the cost would have been higher. During your recovery time you will have some bruising and swelling which freaked me out a bit but overall I'm happy with my results and have yet to regret my decision.