I have a square-shaped face. Does a mini facelift or a facelift help?

All I know about normal facelifts is that they are usually done when the patient wants to address skin laxity, but this is not exactly my problem. I want to correct the shape of my jaw, and I'm thinking a mini facelift would do just that. I'm young, by the way. Anyone else in my shoes? Did any doctor recommend either of these two procedures to you?


F, 37, New Jersey

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I had a mini facelift. From what I understand, you can't change the shape of your jaw with a mini facelift alone. The mini facelift didn't treat my bone structure. The mini facelift just lifted my skin to accentuate the natural shape of my jaw. This treatment definitely caused my jaw to look smaller because it removed excess fat and hanging skin. I know that there's also something called jaw shaving that can adjust the jawbone. If you visit a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon, you could ask about having your jaw reshaped and combined with a mini facelift.

Lifting your skin with a mini facelift can reduce the appearance of your square jaw by removing excess skin and fat that may be hanging from age. During my consultation, the plastic surgeon gave me a few options that would provide me with the results that I was requesting. I wanted to treat the wrinkles and sagging skin below my cheekbones and along my jawline. My surgeon tailored the treatment to match my desires, and I am thrilled with the natural, more youthful appearance that I achieved.

I didn't really have an issue with sagging skin. I was just unhappy with the square shape of my jaw. I assumed a facelift would be a way to correct the issue. It really depends on why my face was square shaped. My facial plastic surgeon told me that the shape of my face was the result of aging. I wasn't surprised by that, I'm 67. He said that a facelift could remove excess fat and tighten my skin. Had my problem been the result of the bone structure, a facelift would not have solved the problem. It took about a year to see the true results of my plastic surgery. I know have a more round-looking face.

I had my facelift when I was 50. I was changing careers and needed to get rid of my wrinkles and excess skin under my eyes to look a little younger. The procedure worked great for that. If you don't like the shape of your actual jawbone, I don't think a facelift or mini facelift is the procedure you need. These actually showcase the facial structure by pulling the skin tighter around the bones. Have you looked into Botox? I know that can help change the shape of your face and give you a more rounded, oval shape. I have even heard of a surgical procedure where the surgeons actually shave some of the bone off. On the other hand, if it is just the skin and soft tissues causing the squarish shape, a facelift might be the way to go. I would talk to a doctor who can evaluate your particular situation and give some options.