Is a mini facelift without surgery possible?

Both mini facelift and full facelift surgery involve cutting and sewing the open wound up, which I'm not comfortable with, especially when it comes to my face. Is it possible for a mini facelift to be done without invasive surgery? Maybe there is a non-invasive procedure that provides similar results?


F, 54, Pennsylvania

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I had a mini facelift done, and it did require incisions. Before my surgery, I asked my doctor the same questions that you're mentioning here. After my examination, the surgeon explained to me the different options that were available, including the mini facelift, fillers, laser resurfacing and collagen boosting treatments. He recommended the mini facelift because of the natural looking results (permanent) that I wanted to experience. When you see a plastic surgeon for a consultation, be sure to ask to see before and after photos from previous patients. It's important to use an experienced surgeon.

A mini facelift is a minor surgery, and I was able to return to work within a few days. My incisions were strategically placed by my surgeon and aren't noticeable. I'm thrilled with my results because it lifted my jowls and tightened my face. I had some bruising and swelling but overall he recovery was quick. There are a ton of different cosmetic procedures that produce a rejuvenated face. I'm happy I went with this over injectables or a more intense facelift surgery.

A year ago, I had a non-invasive facelift called Ultherapy. I remember watching videos of actual facelift procedures being performed and couldn't stomach it. When I found out about the non-surgical facelift, Ultherapy, I had a good feeling about it. It uses ultrasound heat therapy to reactivate collagen, lift, and tighten muscle and skin. Although it was less painful than injections and surgical lifts, there was some discomfort similar to the initial shock of hot water. But it didn't go beyond that. What I like about Ultherapy is that it keeps working for a while. In two weeks, I clearly looked 5 years younger. The downside is that you'll need to repeat this procedure every couple of years to maintain the facial rejuvenation.

At 52, I decided that I wanted to rejuvenate my face. However, I wasn't exactly comfortable with the idea of being cut open by a plastic surgeon. I asked my doctor about the options I had about getting a mini facelift without surgery. He said that there was no way to get a mini facelift without any surgery involved. Anyone that says otherwise would be selling me a gimmick. While I would see some results from non-invasive procedures like botox or laser treatments, these results would only be temporary. I really wanted a permanent option, so I decided to take a surgical approach. The surgical procedure was less invasive than a full facelift. It took about a year for me to see the completed results. I was thrilled with the outcome with the outcome. After two years I still look great.

That cutting and sewing part of plastic surgery made me nervous, too, and so I eventually decided to go with a non-invasive method to get the same results. I got great results, especially in my neck, with Ultherapy. This procedure uses an ultrasound that causes the skin to produce new collagen which naturally tightens up the skin. I only needed one treatment, and there was no recovery time needed, but it did take a couple months before I could see the final skin tightening results. There are a few other less invasive procedures out there that can be a substitute for a facelift. I almost chose dermal filler injections, or a liquid facelift, to build out the jaw as it sinks over time which, in turn, results in less sagging. Even though the new fillers can last up to two years, I didn't like the idea of getting new injections after the old ones disappear.