What does a Mini Facelift Involve?

I don't know much about regular facelifts either, but something that's called "mini" seems way more appealing to me since it would be my first cosmetic procedure. What can I expect from this surgery? What does it involve and how is the skin pulled up exactly?


F, 55, Connecticut

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I had the mini facelift, and I'm thrilled with my cosmetic surgery! My surgeon took time to place the incisions in a discrete area to conceal any scarring. You should also ask your cosmetic surgeon for before and after photos of previous patients to get a clear idea of the quality of his work. I was awake during the one-hour procedure because my doctor used a local anesthetic. It was completely painless and I was comfortable the entire time. It reminded me of having my teeth cleaned or having a cavity filled at the dentist.

After the surgery, my doctor gave me clear instructions on how to treat the incisions, and I went home to rest. I returned to work in a few days, and the stitches were removed in one week. The recovery period was smooth, as expected, with minor swelling and slight bruising that went away during the first week. I look so much younger, but the results are very natural looking. I'm so happy with the final results!

My friend had a mini lift and looked fabulous. Since I wanted to look younger and get rid of my wrinkles, I decided that I also opted for this facelift surgery. I asked a lot of questions at my initial consultation. I found a reputable facial plastic surgeon who was willing to explain the entire process. My facelift was not as involved as a full facelift. My mini facelift addressed the sagging issues of the lower third of my face. I was left with a tighter, more youthful appearance. Small incisions were put around my ears. Any excess skin was removed and the skin was pulled and sutured. The entire procedure took about two hours. Because it was an outpatient procedure, I was able to return home the same day. I took two weeks off of work to deal with the swelling and low some of the bruising to heal. I saw my final results a year after the surgical procedure.