Where are the incisions made for a mini facelift?

From what I know, a mini facelift should be a less serious surgery, and I'm wondering where the incision should begin and where should it end? WIll the scar be shorter and less visible? I'm trying to imagine how it would look, but I have no point of reference. I don't know anyone who had this surgery. Was it worth it for you? Any information is helpful. Thanks!


F, 53, Virginia

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After discussions with my plastic surgeon I decided to have a mini facelift over a full facelift or neck lift. I chose it because it's a minor procedure that produces significant results for facial rejuvenation. A full facelift is a major surgical procedure that requires a more extended recovery period and treats the entire face. The mini facelift is a minor surgery that lifts sagging skin along the jawline, neck and cheeks. I was able to return to work after a couple of days, but if I had a full facelift, I would've been out of work for at least two weeks. The price is also a lot less than a full facelift. There are fewer incisions needed for the mini facelift because it only treats the lower face. I just needed three incisions to remove excess fat and to reshape my face. The incisions are hidden, and they also faded with time (they end up being short scars). I am thrilled with my results and recommend that you see a plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Yes, the mini lift is less serious, in my opinion. I have had a mini lift, and it's less invasive because it works on the bottom part of the face. I went in 4 months ago to have a mini lift because I was starting to notice some jaw and neck sagging. The plastic surgery took an hour, and I was under local anesthesia. To fix my neck and jowls, the doctor made a small incision on the side of my face right at the hair line, an inch behind the hair line, above the ear and behind the tragus. So, for the most part, these scars are easy to hide due to their locations. From what I understand, a full facelift requires sutures around the entire hair line. My recovery time was a few weeks but I was back to work in a week with minor swelling and bruising (which I hid). Almost no one thought I'd had a face lift. They just thought I looked good and was taking care of myself.