Can I choose between a mini tummy tuck or a tummy tuck?

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I'm afraid I'll end up with very large scars if I get a tummy tuck rather than a mini tummy tuck. The post op photos showing tummy tuck results look way worse, too. Is it my call, or does the doctor have the last word?


F, 38, Utah

I underwent tummy tuck a year ago. I used to be also very scared of scarring. I have seen so many post op pictures what put me off, but at the end i went for it. I had great surgeon at Forme clinic who was very helpful and patient to explained every step properly. It was something what made me to want tummy tuck even more. I must confess that it looked horrifying straight after because of its swelling and bruises. But because dr. Benes acquainted me how it is gonna be like i knew what to expect. It had been few months until i could see good looking tummy, the scars were fading slowly. And yes the best that they are hidden under your underwear, so you do not need to be worried. I am sure your surgeon will do the best. I am absolutely happy with the result that i do not mind that scarring at all.

I opted to undergo a mini tummy tuck 8 months ago. Most of my belly fat was below the belly button line. This procedure gave me the results that I wanted. A friend of mine had more extensive belly fat that extended farther up to her upper abdomen and around her hips. Her plastic surgeon recommended the full tummy tuck surgery, and she is very pleased with the results. Yes, her scars are a little longer than mine, but the surgeons placed both of our scars in areas that are less visible. Bottom line, trust your plastic surgeon to get the best results.

I had a mini tummy tuck completed because I had excess saggy skin under my bellybutton. I looked at all the before and after photos from a full tuck and a mini tuck, and I was impressed by the results for both. My surgeon recommended a mini tuck because I didn't have excess stretch marks above my bellybutton or extended stomach muscles in my upper belly, only in the lower abdomen. If you only need to have your lower belly treated, the mini tuck is the way to go. The mini tuck does not remove much skin, and the results are less dramatic. The doctor didn't give me a choice on which tuck to have completed, he assessed my situation and gave recommendations based on his experience and knowledge. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and get a professional recommendation. The scar from a full tummy tuck can be easily hidden with bikini bottoms and a full, flat stomach would make the incision worth it.

I had a mini tummy tuck rather than a full tummy tuck completed to address by abdominal wall. I'm thrilled with my results, but the mini tuck won't give everyone the results they are looking for. I didn't have much excess skin that needed to be removed. A full tummy tuck includes the removal of excess fat, muscle and loose skin, and the mini tummy tuck procedure only treats the area below the belly button and removes less skin. I got a personal assessment during a surgical consultation. That's the only way to really know which surgery is best for you. If you have large stretch marks or lax abdominal muscles above your belly button, you would probably benefit most from a full tummy tuck. I wouldn't worry so much about which tummy tuck to get, I would focus on the results that you want to achieve. My self-esteem and confidence level has skyrocketed since getting my tummy tuck, and I highly recommend a mini tuck or a full tuck if that's what you need.